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December 2015 Online Income Report & January 2016 Goals

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See how I made over $1100 in one month in my December 2015 Online Income Report!New Year, a new you! I love this time of the year for the simple fact that I get to start fresh and new! I am very excited about this year and I hope you are too! If you are looking to make an extra income online and are curious to know how much I made, then check out this December 2015 online income report and my January 2016 goals.

As I do every month, I share with you my online income progress for accountability and to motivate others who want to start making an online income. I honestly have to say that by posting my blogging income, it has helped My Stay At Home Adventures with its success.

If you are interested in starting a money making blog feel free to check out this page and start your dream of making an extra income online. Also, make sure you read this book, How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul. This book turned things around for me, and this upcoming February, please make sure you join Elite Blog Academy. Make sure you go ahead and sign up for the waiting list!

Free blogging plannerTo start this year, I made sure I have a brand new blogging planner and a personal planner as well. I believe that having a blogging planner helped me with my blogging goals and success. If you are wondering what blogging planner I use, I use the free Elite Blog Academy planner. If you are interested, simply head over here and click the resource tab to get it.

What I did with my planner, I had it professionally printed at Office Depot with a sale code. I will tell you from personal experience to avoid spending money on online printable blogging planners and start with a free blogging planner. My reasons are:

  • You are paying for a printable copy.
  • You have to consider ink and paper cost.
  • You have to consider if you want to have a professionally copy.
  • How do you know the copy you paid for is going to work for you?
  • You are paying for a cute design or a planner?

I will say that my free blogging planner works for me and keeps me focused and it didn’t cost me much to have it printed. I also have another copy ready for 2016. Avoid over paying for something that you can find for free. Remember to invest that money on something that is going to help your business (blog) in other areas than paper and ink!

Enough talking and let’s get to how much money I made last month! I will write more about the new direction My Stay At Home Adventures will be heading this year.

December Blog Income Report 

December Social Media Update

  • Pinterest  –4507          November –5135
  • Facebook – 5348         November – 5810
  • Twitter – 1528              November –1585

Page views – 157,432 – Highest ever!

Below is the income my blog generated by ads and affiliates, but I have not received in my accounts. My goal is to increase the ads and affiliate revenue this year!

Ad Network Income: $762.98

  • Adsense – $136.55
  • Media Net – $100.59
  • Infolinks – $00.00
  • TBN – $499.51 $525.84 – Updated 01/07/2016

Affiliate Sales: $28.02

Total December Site Income – $791.00 – Not bad for passive income.

Now this is the money I received in my accounts.

  • Escalate Network – $35.25
  • Media.net – $165.53
  • Adsense – $158.10
  • TBN –       $236.02
  • Sponsored post – $200.00
  • Izea – $225.02
  •  Clever Girl – $50.00
  • Linqia – $121.20
  • Capital One 360 – $00.00

Total amount actually paid in December $1191.12 <—- Best Month So Far!!!

Total December Blog Expenses

I think I kept expenses low this month. I know that as my blog grows and I learn more, they will go up.

Add the additional monthly expenses:

  • BoardBooster – $10.00
  • Advertisement – $33.00
  • Canva – $10.00
  • P.O. Box Renewal -$00.00
  • Izea – $0.00
  • Giveaway – $00.00
  • MadMimi – $12.72
  • Fiverr – $5.50
  • Theme – $33.71

Total Expenses – $104.93

I have to say that I am very pleased with what I have accomplished in 2015. I have to thank my husband and my amazing blogging friends for their support and love. To start a blog from making nothing, to making over $1000 a month is an amazing feeling.

The fact that I am able to stay home and do this is even better. For 2016, I have written a post just talking about what my plans are for this blog. This is why I am going to keep my blog goals for January very limited.

See how I made over $1100 in one month in my December 2015 Online Income Report!January Blog Goals

  • Start working on that important mail list – I have been terrible about this and I need to start taking this into consideration.
  • Start looking for blog designs – It is time to go professional, but keep it under budget.
  • Content, Content, Content – Yes, I have to continue to work on this.

There you have my December online income report; I hope you find motivation and get inspired to do it big! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I am very open on how I do this and will say that it is not easy and there is no magic pill to make the process go any faster.

How was your December? Did you achieve your yearly blogging goals?

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