Celebrating Everyday Wins

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Celebrating Everyday Wins With LEGO® Juniors #CreateBuildLEGOJUNIORS

Every day we should have some form of celebration. Every day we should appreciate small wins. For me, I celebrate everyday wins that other families or people don’t celebrate. Today I wanted to take you why everyone should be celebrating everyday wins.

A few years ago I shared with you when we were told the news about our son’s Autism diagnosis. We were completely new to this and not sure what exactly Autism meant, how it was going to affect our son and our lives.

Since then everything has changed, and we are very happy, and our son is a very intelligent and happy son who everyone simply adores. Every day in our home he has seemed to amazed us and fasts forward that his younger brothers seem to amaze us as well.

Every day in our home we are celebrating small wins from the first time our sons trying new food, to being able to write their full name. Every day our home is full of celebration, and I think this is something every family should be doing.

In our home, we believe that celebrating small wins will lead to achieving big goals!

Learn why we celebrate every day wins in our home and why you should celebrate them as well in your home. #CreateBuildLEGOJUNIORS #Sponsored @LegoSo what kind of small wins do we celebrate?

Small victories in school

Making new friends

Making a new friend is celebrated in our home. For parents with special need children, you know this is very important and celebrating a new friend part of our celebration.

Completing homework

We celebrate every time he finishes his homework because I know there are days when he is not focused and has a hard time with his homework.

Everyday accomplishments

Sitting down and eating dinner with the family.

Sitting down for a long period of time can be had for my son, and we celebrate when he is able to sit and enjoy dinner with us.

Doing all his chores around the house

My little man loves routines and enjoys cleaning. When he finishes his chores we make a big deal out it and a nice celebration about it.

When he completes one of his favorite things to do

My son is very passionate about many things, one of them is learning countries around the world, and another is LEGO®. I will be honest and tell you that my son wasn’t able to play with LEGO® systems when he was younger.

Learn why we celebrate every day wins in our home and why you should celebrate them as well in your home. #CreateBuildLEGOJUNIORS #Sponsored @LegoAfter years of physical therapy and seeing him thrive with the uses of his hands is something! He loves LEGO®, and he enjoys building new creations with LEGO® Juniors. Within the past year, my son has become quite a builder and his independence and independence continues to grow as he continues to build!

To say that he is fascinated is an understatement. He went from regular LEGO® to LEGO® Juniors which is right for his age (4-7)! LEGO® Juniors is the right product for him and for his skills.

celebrating-everyday-wins-with-lego1I think my “ah-ha” moment was when I watched him grab the instruction book and started to build his model one piece at a time. I will admit I got choked up. It was a small win for this mama and one I celebrated when he finished.

He is learning to build using his hands. Hands that a few years ago weren’t as strong or able to build the way he wanted it.

celebrating-everyday-wins-with-lego2Once he is done building his model seeing his face and his imagination going to town is amazing. The premade pieces are really good for him because he can concentrate on details and it also makes the building experience easier for him.

LEGO® Juniors challenges my son, and that’s why we both love it. He loves to be challenged and when he gets a new LEGO® Junior set. Seeing him enjoy himself and staying focus on a task that he loves makes this mama happy.

celebrating-everyday-wins-with-lego3Seeing how my son continues to grow and seeing his spirit continue to grow is why I truly enjoy seeing him play with his LEGO® Juniors set. This is why we celebrate everyday wins in my home and will continue to it.

celebrating-everyday-wins-with-lego4I know that by doing this, my son will be able to reach bigger goals with confidence and independence.

What are other ways you celebrate everyday wins in your home?

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