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Posts to Read After an Autism Diagnosis

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When you first get your child's autism diagnosis, it can be crazy overwhelming. I know I was! Check out these posts from mamas that will help you.When you first get your child’s autism diagnosis, it can be crazy overwhelming. What therapies should you start? What the heck is an IEP and how do you prepare for one? There are so many questions that flood your brain that you can’t even think straight enough to write them all down. I understand, mama, because I’ve been there. Luckily, you have the ability to pick the brains of autism mamas who are further along the path who have tips and tricks to help you through this beginning stage.

When you first get your child's autism diagnosis, it can be crazy overwhelming. I know I was! Check out these posts from mamas that will help you.Posts to Read After an Autism Diagnosis

Autistic.. A Diagnosis. Now What? 6 Tips to Help You Along the Way

These tips will hold your hand a bit as you take those next few steps after you get an official autistic diagnosis. When your brain is going on overload this will help remind you to take a deep breath and keep moving forward!

Surviving the Initial Autism Diagnosis from Kori at Home

In this open letter, Kori shares her thoughts on getting through the initial diagnosis and finding the light at the end of the tunnel. She also shares a few quick dos and don’ts which area really helpful for newbies!

What They Don’t Tell You About Autism from This Outnumbered Mama

The doctors can paint a pretty doom and gloom picture of autism, and they tend to leave a lot out when talking with parents facing a brand new diagnosis. In this post Kaylene shares a few things that the doctors won’t tell you about autism, and she has a free eBook “What I Wish I Knew When I Got His Diagnosis”!

Autism Meltdown vs. a Tantrum

Even if you’ve only just received your child’s autism diagnosis, you’re likely no stranger to meltdowns. You’ve probably just been categorizing them as a tantrum! When kids on the spectrum get overwhelmed, they can have true meltdowns where they lose control, but it’s hard to tell the difference between that and a tantrum to get their way. This post helps you decode the behavior!

Free IEP Toolkit for Parents from Parenting Chaos

When you get an official autism diagnosis, one of the first tasks you’ll have is preparing for an IEP meeting for the school. Basically, the IEP is an agreement that outlines the different accommodations your child will receive in school. The meetings can be extremely overwhelming, so Stephanie laid out an easy to use toolkit to walk you through, step by step.

10 Things That Autism Has Taught Me from Kori at Home

In this post Kori shares ten things that she’s learned in the ten years since her daughter’s diagnosis. This is perfect for newbies who can’t imagine life ten minutes in the future let alone ten years! Trust me, mamas, one day you’ll be a pro and you’ll be able to look back and help new moms facing a diagnosis.

To the Mom Who Just Received Her Child’s Autism Diagnosis from This Outnumbered Mama

In this post, Kaylene shares an open letter to the mom who just received her child’s diagnosis. It’s full of reminders that you’re allowed to feel however you feel and even that there are some positive sides to autism.

I know that getting this diagnosis is overwhelming and scary, but I absolutely promise you that it will get better. There will be days that you feel like you have it all figured out, and there will be days where you feel like you’re one meltdown from losing it. Keep holding on. Keep reading stories from other moms. Stay strong, Mama, you’re not alone.

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