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4 Time Management Activities For Moms

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There are at least four time management activities you can do today that are so beneficial to everyday moms!

I will admit it that when it comes to time management it was a struggle for me for a bit. The good news I was able to kick that to the curve and stick to following my own time management routines that have worked since.

Every mom struggles with keeping up with time whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom. We are busy moms!

Below you are going to find four time management activities you can start doing daily to help your time management and they work!

These four time management tips won’t cost you a dime and once you start implementing them you will start seeing that you are also feeling better.

So what are these four time management daily activities?

Below you will find ideas that will help you to improve your time management starting today.

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As a stay at home mom I am failing at my time management. What I thought worked when I worked is not. Here are tips to help improve your time management today.

How to Improve Your Time Management Today

Write your to-do list tonight

Before bedtime when you have some time this evening, sit down and write your to-do list for tomorrow. And before you ask, why write down your next day to-do list the night before?

Let me explain!

When you write your next day to-do list before bedtime, you have a picture of what needs to be done tomorrow vs. waking up and sitting down to write a to-do list in a hurry.

It will avoid the stressful or rush step of trying to figure out what you need to get done that day. It will also eliminate surprises that might affect your time management that day.

Writing your goals in the evening will also save you time in the morning to focus on other things, and that will be up next.

Start waking up early

Yes, waking up early is our next time management tip and quite honestly its one of the best thing you can do to help you improve your time management in your home.

Wake up earlier than anyone else and enjoy some alone time. Take the time to do whatever you want to do without any distraction.

Waking up earlier will also eliminate the sense of rushing and trying to do everything before we head out to face our day.

Write it down!

Throughout the day if you have any ideas or things that pop up, why not write them down. Made a call and scheduled an appointment, write it down right away.

I have a blank notebook where I write things like ideas, recipes, anything that pops into my head while doing something else.

What do you do with these notes?

At the end of the day when you are working on your evening to-do list, look over this list and schedule them or add them to your next day to-do list.


Love it or hate it, exercising is proven to help us physically and mentally. I love exercising in the morning and others hate it.

The point is to get some exercise done daily to get energy and get your brain functioning. Exercise is also a mood lifter so why not give this free mood lifter a try daily.


You need sleep.

You do and tonight you are going to try and get a good night sleep. Believe me when I tell you that sleep is one of the hardest things for me to do since having 3 little boys, but anytime I try to aim for a good night sleep.

Sleep will make you feel better and it can be a fun activity you might even enjoy!


These four time management activities might not be what you expected but let me just say that they will work. Not only doing these tips will help with your daily time management struggle, but you will start feeling better.

And this is a good thing, mom!

As moms, is not all about how much we can do for other, we also have to take the time every day to make sure we do some time management activities to help us as well.

Take care of you first because you need to take care of your family.

Your turn: You read four time management activities to help moms now we want to know your thoughts and tips. Share it with us!

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