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Summer Themed Cash Envelope Printables

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Keep your cash organized this summer with eye-catching templates offering a fresh take on money management.

This product set of six fun and creative designs is perfect for cash budgeters who love being cash budgeting and love hot style cash envelopes.

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The design enables you to use it in just about any wallet style since each is about 7×4 inch envelopes, large enough to store receipts, bills, checks, cards, or what have you while also allowing you to keep track of what’s going on in a clear, easy way.

Our shop, Cash Envelopes Template has a growing collection of printables that include, yes, you guessed it, cash envelope templates.

What is the purpose of cash envelopes?

A cash envelope system is a proven way to financially get you and your family on track. No matter your income level or stage of life, having a cash budget works for everyone.

Since summer is the time for road trips, summer vacation plans, summer parties with friends, and summer entertainment that costs money, if you have summer cash envelopes, you can make sure that you can spend money on the things you love without worrying about your monthly budget.

What is summer budgeting?

Summer Budgeting is a style of managing your finances where you can make summer spending more effective and organized by dividing it into categories. Get summer-ready by creating summer budgets for those summer activities and summer spending.

Summer Budgeting can help you make summer expenses more manageable if you divide summer spending into different categories, such as:

  • summer holidays
  • summer entertainment costs
  • summer clothing
  • summer accessories
  • summer household costs

Having cash envelopes to store your money for each summer category will help you simplify your finances this summer! Included in our summer-themed cash envelope templates set is a summer budget tracker.

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How summer envelopes work

Using summer cash envelopes can really help you spend money wisely. It’s also an excellent way to show your family how much they spend each summer on different summer activities and summer spending.

Summer Budgeting helps you get organized before the summer begins and is helpful because summer spending seems to peak over summer vacation and summer holidays. Summer Budgeting also helps you have a budget that will help you prepare for the summer months ahead.

Summer Budgeting is easy when you purchase our summer-themed cash envelope templates from Cash Envelopes Template. They are a bundle of six different summer themes, each with its own design, allowing it to coordinate easily with your summer vacation plans, summer parties, or summer entertainment costs.

What’s included in the bundle?

The set includes 6 sizes of wallets sized at 7×3 inches and with different styles. When you purchase, you get a zip file with 6 individual jpegs of each envelope and one pdf with 6 sheets.

What type of paper should I use for cash envelopes printables?

We recommend using copy paper 28lb Paper, 8.5×11, that you can purchase on Amazon or your local Walmart through store pick up or Walmart Grocery.

Do these cash envelope printable fit Luxe wallets?

Yes, they do fit Luxe and Filofax wallets. I use this wallet found on Amazon.

Summer Themed Cash Envelopes

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