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How To Create a Summer Garden on a Budget

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Thinking about starting a summer garden, but afraid to bust the budget? With summer fast approaching, a summer garden adventure can turn into an expensive one.

Before you begin planning for a summer garden start with:

  • A specific budget
  • A plan

If you plan your summer garden according to what you budget and follow it thought, you will learn that gardening is more budget-friendly. Very budget-friendly, my friends.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your summer garden at all. Remember to plan how much you are wanting to spend. Then create a plan and pay according to your plans and needs!

I hope the advice that follows will help you cut the expense of summer garden and help you find budget-friendly ways to build the summer garden of your dreams.

Create a Budget-Friendly Summer Garden

Only Buy What You Need

If this is your first-time gardening, chances are you will be making a few of these first-time gardener mistakes. One thing you must avoid doing to keep the cost of your summer garden down is only to buy what you need!

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Do not buy what you do not need

There is no reason why you should buy any garden items if you don’t need them. Even if there is a good deal going on.

If you don’t need:

  • Tools
  • Seeds
  • Garden items

There is no reason to purchase them.

Even if you buy these items on sale, if you don’t need them, you just wasted money.

Don’t Pay For Shipping

If you are purchasing what you need for your garden item online, don’t pay for shipping.

You read right, do not pay for shipping.

Chances are that you will find this item locally and for less than the online price and shipping price.

If the garden item costs more when all is said and done, than it would have cost to purchase the same items locally you haven’t saved anything at all.

Look at the big picture rather than seeing only the lower asking price. It is also a good idea to support small local businesses whenever possible. Your local business might even be able to answer your garden questions face to face too.

Check for Free Composting

Check locally for free composting materials. Many communities offer these free to residents. When compared with the expense of purchasing these materials, the savings can be significant throughout the summer.

Also, check online like sites such as Free Mulch.

Barter with Friends

Work out an exchange among gardening friends. To save money, find out what your garden friend or family members are growing and exchange.

If your neighbor is growing tomatoes and you are growing green peppers, why not exchange among each other?

This will eliminate purchasing new plants, which will save you money. It’s a win-win!

Select Native Plants

When starting a new summer garden, check and learn about native plants that grow in your area. Local plants will save you money, and honestly, many people overlook this.

Buying non-native plants cost more because of transportation and for their care as they might need extra attention to thrive in your local climate.

When you buy a local plant, they will continue to thrive in their native environment.

Check Local FB Groups and Classified Ads

To save money, check your local Facebook group and classified ads. Seriously, go look! You will find low-cost garden items and even free stuff!

You can also search for free-cycle programs for used garden tools in excellent condition!

Many people sell their cheap tools and even give them for free, why not take advantage and grab these items.

You don’t need new tools to start a summer garden!

There are many reasons that people sell or give away garden tools, and a bargain is a bargain on these tools that are going to be used to play in the dirt.

You do not need to be incredibly picky about the tools you purchase, and saving money is almost always a good thing.

It’s even better, of course, when you get them for no cost at all. You also might find a few free plants available through these sources too.

Buy Good Quality Mulch

Mulching saves time and money. Really! It saves water to mulch because the mulch holds the moisture in. This lowers the cost of watering and eliminates many of the pesky weeds that crop up-which saves time.

We all know that time is money, and most of us despise weeding unless we have some genuinely aggressive emotions to work through that is.


By using all of the steps above, you should find that you have saved a good deal of money in the planning and growth of your summer garden. Combine them with tips of your own that you discover along the way, and next summer, your garden should cost even less.

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