Easy Halloween Spiderweb Wreath

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Making a Halloween wreath doesn’t have to be complicated, I mean, I’m not the “crafty” one, but we sure can make this Halloween Spiderweb wreath.

For real!

If you love using a glue gun, now is an excellent time to get “crafty” for Halloween and make this cute spiderweb wreath.

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Got a glue gun? Want to make a spider wreath to decorate your door? Learn how to make this DIY  spiderweb wreath with step by step instructions.

How to Make a Halloween Spiderweb Wreath

To make this Halloween wreath, you will need some supplies and tools, my friend. The list of supplies and tools is below.

Spiderweb wreath supplies:

  • 1 small-sized Foam Ball
  • 1 medium-sized Foam Ball
  • Black Yarn
  • Small Amount of Orange Polymer Clay
  • Small Amount of White Polymer Clay
  • 8 Black Pipe Cleaners
  • Black Glitter

Tools needed to make a Halloween wreath:

Now that you have gathered all the supplies and tools to create a Halloween wreath and are probably worried about the glitter, what can I say? Let’s begin.

  • Start making your spider by breaking off eight tiny portions of the orange polymer clay.
  • Roll each portion into a neat, tiny ball to make a spider eye. Set aside.
  • Break off two tiny, equal-sized portions of white polymer clay.
  • Roll each portion into a neat cone with one blunt end and one very pointy end to make spider fangs.
  • Curve each white clay cone slightly by bending it over your thumb.

You might like:

  • Bake spider eyeballs and fangs per the directions on the polymer clay package.
  • Affix one end of your black yarn to the smaller-sized foam ball.
  • Wind the yarn tightly around the foam ball, occasionally gluing, until you reach the other end of the ball and the entire ball is covered.
  • Glue the end of the yarn in place and trim.
  • Repeat yarn wrapping with the medium-sized foam ball.
  • Glue the smaller-sized foam ball on one end of the medium-sized foam ball.
  • Set aside.
  • Fold each pipe cleaner in half and wind the two sizes together tightly.
  • Fold each pipe cleaner in half again, leaving the two sides bent in an acute “L” shape.
  • Fold one end of each pipe cleaner outward to form a spider “foot.”
  • Hot glue 4 of these pipe-cleaner spider legs onto each side of the spider body. I found this easiest when I had a little platform on which to put the spider body. I used a rock, but you can use a box or anything to hold the body up.
  • Hot glue the eyes and fangs on the face of the spider. I found it most comfortable to get the eyes on without injuring myself with hot glue by using tweezers.
  • Set the spider aside.
  • To make the web, spread out two sheets of parchment paper side-by-side. Then, tape them in place onto the table and together.
  • Draw a spiderweb onto the parchment paper. I did this by starting with straight lines in the center like a starburst, then connecting them with arches.
  • Using the hot glue gun, trace the spiderweb shape you just drew on the parchment paper with the hot glue.
  • As you finish each row of arches and lines, sprinkle the fresh hot glue with the black glitter, then shake it off a little.
  • Allow the hot glue to dry completely.
  • Hot glue the spider in place on the web, as desired.
  • Enjoy!

How cute is this Spiderweb Wreath?

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