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May Income Report & June Goals

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May Income Report & June Goals - It's that time for May Income Report & June goals my friends. This month my blog income was ... well you will see. June is here, amigos! It is that time where all nosy folks out there look forward. You know what I’m talking about first week of the month we hop around from blog to blog to read those motivating blog income reports. So there you have it, May income report & June goals post.

May Goals

May Personal Goals

On this department I have to said I failed terribly. We had some major events since March that really damped my moods but thanks to the support of family and friends we are getting through.

This affected our personal goals for the month but over all we managed to save money and make more money so all wasn’t that bad in May.

Get back to walking every evening. – HA! That didn’t happen the way I wanted.

Date night – This DID NOT happen this month.

Start planning our family outings for the summer – We talked we just haven’t decided since we are not sure what the outcome of our summer will be. My son goes to Pre-K and is getting therapy that will last the entire summer until August. My daughter, I have no clue what she plans on doing. She wants to get a job, then camp? Who knows. This week we will find out how our summer will be like.

Go over our budgetOur summer budget it really rocking and what I love is that we have about $550 saved and our goals was $500.

May Blog Goals

Not going to look at GA – This was hard but I managed to quit my Google Analytics obsession for them month. I had other major things to work on and a special project that I am working on.

Find a great online course to improve my blogging techniques – Funny thing that I just bought Crystal Paine Make Over Your Mornings on June 1st. Though I took time during the month of May to work on EBA material and updates. Did I mention how much I love this e-course?

Focus on growing my Facebook – Facebook is amazing and though many bloggers focus on Pinterest because well, it drives traffic, I love to experiment and see other options. Facebook drives traffic and if you invest on ad it will work. What happens if Pinterest decides to change things again and your traffic tanks? This is something every blogger should think about. Now if anyone has Twitter figure out please shoot me an email.

Facebook groups – I think I have it down to a managing number. Facebook grousp are amazing if you are a blogger. They can also suck your time.

May Blog Income Report

I will start with the income my blog generated for the month of May. I have not received any actual payment for the incomes below.

Pageviews – 26,515

Ad Network Income: $116.35

  • Adsense – $39.93 (up .35%)
  • Media Net – $53.51 – Highest income so far.
  • Infolinks – $22.91

Affiliate Sales: $47.70

Total May Site Income – $164.05

Now this is the money I received in my accounts.

  • Escalate Network – $60.54(April money)
  • CapitalOne360 – 00.00
  • Google Adsense – $100.61
  • Media.net – $0
  • EBA – $388.80
  • Infolinks – $61.49

Total amount actually paid in May– $611.44

May Income Report & June Goals - It's that time for May Income Report & June goals my friends. This month my blog income was ... well you will see. Total May Blog Expenses

With higher payment came higher expenses. Below you will find my expenses that were paid for the month of May.

  • Hosting for other site: $68.05
  • BoardBooster – $10.00
  • Facebook Advertisement – $27.77 – Now this ads includes the month of April and worth the return of investments as you can see.
  • Pinterest Ad – $7.15 – This was for the month of April. I didn’t run any ads during the month of May because quite honestly, they aren’t worth it for my budget. Meaning, I’m sure they will work if I had a higher advertisement budget.
  • P.O. Box – $16.00 – I had to get one. Next month I’ll have the fund to pay it for a year.

Total Expenses for May – 128.97

May Social Media Update

  • Pinterest Followers – 1454 May – 1687
  • Facebook – 1297                   May – 1344
  • Twitter – 757                         May – 794
  • Google + – 647                     May – 651

These numbers are as of June 1st, 2015. Nothing but up as you can see 😀

June Goals

Personal Goals

Things are getting better in our home and I hope this continues. I have been able to continue to work on my site and I am very grateful that you all take the time to visit My Stay At Home Adventures. Here are June’s personal goals:

DATE NIGHT – I am telling you I don’t recall the last time my husband and I spent time together. THIS WILL HAPPEN.

Start walking the trails once a week – This is something that we love to do as a family.

Set our summer schedule and routines – This is something I will write about I think with the purchase of Make Over Your Morning will sure help me.

June Blog Goals

This month I have set our to do a lot of work behind the scene. I will continue to work on social media. I will continue to work on EBA (I am taking the course over again).

Submit posts for The Happy Home Life – This is one of my latest projects I am working with other bloggers. This is one of my “highest” investments for the year so far and I am praying that will pay off during this year.

Work on BTS projects – Need to get started with some BTS (back to school) projects for July including a giveaway.

Start working on my e-book – I never thought I would be saying this; Me writing an eBook. The most insecure person when it comes to writing.

Alright there you have my blog income report for the month of May and my June goals. Hope you all had a wonderful May as I did. I don’t think it was bad at all. I see it as progress. If you want to check out 2015 blog income report simply click here.

How was the month of May?

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  1. Thanks for sharing! It’s always interesting to read how felllow bloggers are doing 🙂

    Have you looked into a mobile ad network? It’s doing better for me than Adsense (or should I say cents!!) 70-75% of my views are mobile/tablet so having a mobile ad network has helped quite a bit. I actually came out ahead after expenses this month.

    1. Thanks Kristina! I have responsive ads from Google Adsense. What company are you using if you don’t mine me asking.

      1. I’m using Padsquad. They make your site mobile-friendly (unlike the google ads that end up at the end where they aren’t seen). I made more in the first month (March) than I’ve made in Adsense since I started almost a year ago. Once you sign up, you are locked in for a year, so be sure to research fully before you go with it. Also, their script does not play nice with many plugins so check before hand.

  2. As long as it’s growing that good right? I’m impressed that you have time to do all this for your blog. I need more hours in my day. -Kayla

    1. Thanks Kayla! Right now I am feeling it. I want to go to bed and sleep like 12 hours! 😀

  3. Thanks for sharing. You’re doing so well! It’s interesting to know that you’re running Facebook ads. I tried one and it totally tanked, but it was just a boosted post so I think that was a bad idea. Are you following a certain guide for creating your ads, or did you hire it out?

    1. I do the ads myself and the good thing is that Facebook ad can be done for $1.00. Certain ads do much better than others. The key thing is to make sure you set your target audience. Ads that have the word “sale” do good and “how to” do good. Remember that for $1 you might not get a million hits. Also you will get “Likes” for your page when you boost too.

      Email me if you have more questions. I would love to help you out. 🙂

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