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Konmari Method Saves You Money

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Do you think the Konmari Method saves you money? I do and it has not just for me but many others!  Find out.

Over the last few years, Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm. She has taught millions about what it means when to spark joy and clear our homes of the items that no longer serve us.

She’s taught people how to be thankful for what they have and to stop longing for more. But did you know that the Konmari Method can save you money?

How wonderful it would be to not only declutter our homes but use this as a way to curb our spending habits. Let’s take a closer look at how the Konmari Method saves you money.

I love Mari Kondo and her methods. I believe you keep what brings you joy and of course live with less stuff. Having too much is not good for anyone and having too much stuff, well let's just say, it does no one any good.

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Not only is it not good for you or your home or your family, but it's also bad for your finances as well! You are going to find out the top three ways Mari Kondo can help you save money.

Let's begin!

Learn the top three reason the Konmari Method saves you money and how you can start saving money today with these tips and ideas that do work.

3 Ways Konmari Method Saves You Money

You Find Things You Forgot You Had

How often have you started a decluttering journey and discovered things you forgot you had? Imagine if you continued with that journey and did your entire house. What’s hiding under all that clutter?

What has gone to waste because it got lost? How many times have you purchased ketchup and discovered there were several bottles in the pantry? We all do it.

When a home is cluttered, it can be easy for things to become lost in the chaos. The Konmari Method clears your home of the things you don’t need so that you can enjoy the things you do want and need.

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You Shop with Intent and Purpose

How often do you shop and purchase things based on price or how cute they are? It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping at a department store or the Dollar Tree – every purchase adds up.

While you may not think you’re causing much damage to your wallet, you’d be surprised. When you shop with intent and purpose, you have an idea of how each item you purchase will be used.

You ask yourself whether or not you really need something. You’ll be amazed at how much less money you spend when you do this. After using the Konmari Method, you will think about how much you purged from your home and how much of it was stuff you never even used.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying food or nail polish, ask yourself when you’re going to use it. Do you plan to work that into your meal plan? Do you already have several bottles of nail polish? Be mindful of your purchases.

You Make Money From the Items You Sell

Last, but not least, when you use the Konmari Method, you will have a lot of items to get rid of. Many of these items can be sold through Facebook groups, eBay, Mecari, Poshmark, or even a yard sale.

This money can then be used to start an emergency fund, pay off debt, or simply get ahead on your bills. Research what items have sold for on eBay and price your items accordingly.

You’ll be really surprised at which items will sell and for how much. Not only will you regain space in your home, but you’ll have money to save for later.

The Konmari Method is so much more than decluttering your home. It teaches you a different way to live.

Mari Kondo Basic Folding Method

Below is a video about Mari Kondo basic folding method that I use myself. 

Not only will you work to keep your home clutter-free, but you’ll learn to use the things you already have, how to shop with intent and purpose, and to even turn the items that no longer serve you into cash.

If that doesn’t spark joy, what will?

You read how Konmari Method saves you money and now we want to know your tips and thoughts about it. Share them below!

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