Halloween Madness

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We love Halloween Day in our home, and every year we look forward to it. But let’s be real we need to stop the Halloween madness that comes on that day.

So, what is this Halloween madness I’m talking about?

Depending on what day of the week Halloween falls, our daily routine seems to feel stressed during Halloween.

Kids are in school, and the little one is home, work has to get done, and once the kids get home it is super crazy to get them focused on getting their homework done and dinner ready.

Kids are excited because we get to trick or treat in the evening. This means that we will be heading out when we usually will have dinner.

Hubby get’s home while we are heading out and we won’t get to see him once we are back from trick or treating.

I know I’m not the only one who goes through this chaos. I’m a mom of four kids with 2 in the spectrum and a 2-year-old.

By the time Halloween Day is over, I’m exhausted.

The good news that I’ve become smart about it and for the past two years we are enjoying our Halloween Madness by simply doing the following things.

Stop stressing and rushing this Halloween Day and follow these simple tips to help reduce the Halloween Madness! Enjoy a stress free day and have fun!

3 Ways to Enjoy Halloween Day Without the Daily Stress

Plan ahead

A great way to reduce the Halloween Madness is to plan. You know how rush things are going to be and for this reason take your time and create a plan for that day that is going to work for you and your family.

Easy meal

Depending on the day of the week I can guarantee you that Halloween Day is just a regular day, meaning we must deal with our daily task and yes, go to work.

Creating a meal that is going to take you a long time to make when your kids are so excited to head out trick or treating is not a good idea.

A great meal for the family to enjoy is having a pizza night. Now, let me share with you some fun facts about why a pizza night will be a great choice for Halloween Day.

Let’s talk about Red Baron pizza, shall we?

According to a new Red Baron survey of 1,000 U.S. moms of kids ages 3-17, more than half of moms agree that having pizza is one of the only things that will settle the mealtime chaos in their home.

As a mom, I am going to agree with this and tell you that pizza night for Halloween Day works out for everyone.

To enjoy an easy pizza meal on Halloween day, head to your local grocery store and find a great selection of Red Baron pizza.

You will find them at your local grocery freezer; it is super easy to find!

Red Baron pizza for dinner will help you and reduce the chaos that is Halloween day for many families.  Everyone will enjoy dinner because is a meal that everyone will settle for.

It’s like a secret weapon in our home when chaos is happening, and I need to gain some control.

Ok, back to our next tip.

Have a family meeting

Communication is a great way to share your plans and goals for Halloween day. By doing this you will eliminate the chaos that comes with Halloween Day.

Speak to your kids about what the plans are for Halloween day, what the dinner plans are and what is the expectations for that day.

If school work must be done before trick or treating, then mention that. Also, include any other things you want to get done that day.

Having a plan, a fast delicious meal and a meeting will help you get through this Halloween Day madness.

Remember that enjoy a good pizza, like Red Baron will help you conquer your parenting “war story” this Halloween Day.

Your turn: We shared with you our top 3 ways to overcome Halloween Madness, now share with us your Halloween parenting “war story” with us!

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