Top 10 Colorful Houseplants You’re Going to Love in Your Home

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Do you want to add a dash of color to the interior of your home all year? Here are the top 10 colorful houseplants to cheer up your space.

Red, pink, green, purple, or white foliage on colorful plants lend exotic charm to any home decoration.

You'll discover plenty of colorful indoor plants for your house, whether you want to create a dramatic statement with magnificent white and green leafy plants or add pastel-colored leafy plants.

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What plant has colorful leaves?

These magnificent plants will keep your home vibrant even when they aren't flowering, as flowers come and go.

Codiaeum Croton plant leaves close-up


Croton is a tropical plant with brightly colored leaves in green, red, yellow, and orange shades. The oddly shaped leaves come in a variety of colors.

Variegated patterns of green and yellow with hints of orange are the most typical leaf variegation. Bright red and green or red and orange croton leaves are among the most beautiful.

Coleus plant indoors next to a window.


Coleus is a tropical plant with fuzzy leaves that come in a rainbow of hues and grows low to the ground. Coleus plants, sometimes known as Solenostemon, feature colorful ovate leaves with serrated edges.

The leaves of some coleus plants are vivid pink, burgundy, or lime green in color. Green and purple coleus houseplants, as well as translucent green and red coleus houseplants, are available.


Heuchera, sometimes known as coralbells, is a beautiful addition to any garden. The finely cut leaves of these durable, low-growing perennials come in a stunning array of chartreuse, purple, red, bronze, green, and silver.

The vibrant leaves can also be speckled, splotched, or veined with different colors. Small pink, crimson, or white bell-shaped blooms in spikes are an added bonus.

Colorful Houseplants - Polka Dot Plant

Polka Dot Plant

Polka dot plants are decorative houseplants with dark green, ovate leaves with red, pink, white, or bright green splashes.

These tiny plants are sometimes known as splash plants or freckle face plants because of their vivid leaf markings. The brilliantly colored polka dot leaves might be extensively mottled or have a few areas of color.

Colorful Houseplants - Red Aglaonema

Red Aglaonema

Colorful Aglaonema is a Chinese evergreen species with leaves rich in red and pink tones instead of silver. Colorful Aglaonema is just as easy to cultivate as its relative, despite being considerably showier.

Colorful Houseplants - Poinsettias


Poinsettias are brilliantly colored red bracts that resemble leaves on colorful potted plants. The dark green lance-shaped leaves contrast beautifully with the magnificent scarlet tones. Poinsettia varieties might contain white, yellow, orange, or pale green foliage in addition to the vivid red leaves (bracts).

Despite the fact that poinsettia is a flowering plant, it rarely blooms inside. If the plant blooms, the flowers pale in comparison to the vibrant red, cream, or yellow foliage.

Ti Plant

The ti plant, also named as cabbage plant or cordyline plant, is a striking tropical species with deep purple leaves.

These diversified plants are striped with shades of cream, pink, or pastel purple, depending on the cultivar. For strong flashes of color, some types are bred to grow with solid red leaves.

Two potted Caladium.


Caladiums feature some of the most vibrantly colored leaves of any indoor plant. The brilliant pink, crimson, white, and multi-colored patterns on the fancy-shaped or strap-shaped green leaves. Caladium leaf color is distinguished by brilliantly colored veins that contrast with the heart-shaped green leaves. Elephant ears, angel wings, and Jesus' heart are all names for these.

Purple Passion Plant closeup.

Purple Passion Plant

Purple passion plant is ideal because of its attractive appearance and velvety feel! The dark green leaves of this vibrant houseplant are covered in velvety, purple hairs, giving it the appearance and feel of purple velvet.

Because the purple passion plant has a vining habit, it's ideal for hanging baskets or pots with trellises so you can guide the slow-growing stems up.

Colorful Houseplants - Purple Passion Plant

Variegated Rubber Tree

While the glossy, green leaves of the rubber tree are a traditional aesthetic, the flashy variegated variant is a must-have for any colorful plant collector.

This species of ficus, sometimes known as ruby ficus, has leaves that are streaked with seafoam green, dark green, cream, and pink colors. These tall plants are ideal for filling a bare spot next to a bright window.

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