Benefits of Having a Medicinal Garden

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Whether there are only a few plants to take care of, or having a garden of many different plants is already a person’s pride, especially for a beginner.

Any gardener would love to include medicinal plants in their garden as they can give many advantages. Hence, we look into some top medicinal garden plants that are easy to grow.

Growing some medicinal plants or herbs is one way to expand and even add beauty to a garden. They can also help with your budget by picking the herbs you need instead of buying them.

This is besides the fact that they can help heal your body from ailments, treat minor wounds, boost the immune system and keep the body healthy.

While these medicinal plants are helping in a lot of ways, you need to keep in mind that they may not replace modern medicine.

Let’s learn about the benefits of growing a medicinal garden, shall we?

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What is a Medicinal Garden

A medicinal garden is a garden with plants that have medicinal purposes. This garden aims to serve the need of the body’s general health maintenance, as well as some severe issues that may occur.

The medicinal garden is also known as herb garden and garden of simples. The word ‘simple’ is derived from joining two Latin words Singula plica (a singular purpose). These medicinal plants are used mostly alone as teas and poultices. Sometimes 2 or more plants are mixed together.

These medicinal plants or as they called the simples have been used by people since the old times as remedies that were also part of their daily lives.

They were also used in their domestic animals. During these modern times, these herbs are mostly used for culinary purposes. However, some modern drugs are also extracted from these plants.

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Ten Benefits Of Having A Medicinal Garden

Herbs have many uses. For culinary purposes, they can be used as seasonings and flavorings. For health purposes, they can be medicinal and aromatherapy.

Therefore, having a medicinal garden can get you a lot of advantages for the many benefits it can serve.

1. Always fresh

It is very easy to buy herbs from grocery stores and they can be tagged as fresh. Yet you don’t know when they were picked. Having your own Medicinal Garden you can always guarantee you are using the freshest ones. They are just right there and you can just pick them when you need them.

2. Better food

When they are fresh, they taste better. Herbs are great enhancers to stews, grilled, fried and soups. They can be an ingredient in marinades, or just rub the herb on meats before cooking. Examples of these are tarragon, dill, basil, bay laurel, oregano, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, and a lot more.

3. A great way to exercise

These plants reward you with the best nutrients and healing your body after taking care of them. Moreover, while taking care of these plants, you are also doing some exercises. Walking around the plants, bending, squatting, stretching, using a little force by shoveling, tending, carry gardening things are already good exercises.

4. Stress reliever

Just looking at your medicinal garden already made you relax. The sense of accomplishment of growing the plants, viewing the different shades of greens and beautiful colors of their flowers and their scents is a great way to relieve stress.

5. Money saver

There are some types of plants that are expensive when we buy them. And there are those that are rare that we still need to buy them online, and shipping fees will add to the expenses. If you have these medicinal plants that you need, definitely you save a lot.

6. Earning opportunity

A lot of time, we grew extra plants to make sure we have enough. But there are times that we were not able to consume all of them. Of course, we don’t want them to go to waste. You can offer them to your neighbor and friends. Surely they would love to have those fresh herbs and medicinal plants. Later on, they will know who can grow herbs. This is a good opportunity to earn by selling some of your extra plants. 

7. More to learn

You will enjoy learning more about the plants, how to grow them better, and the recipes where you can use them, besides using them as your medicinal tea. You may be able to notice some of the plants growing better on some kind of soil mixture, or how long it will stay under direct sunlight, or how much water they need. In the future, you can grow better plants. You will also discover that a certain herb can make a certain soup taste better when you try to include those. Isn’t it fun?

8. Getting more varieties

As you go on with your medicinal garden, you will be able to know more varieties of your medicinal garden plants. Such as basil which has different varieties and is very easy to grow. Besides sweet basil, there is also holy basil, also called tulsi, lettuce leaf basil, purple ruffles basil, dark opal basil, Greek basil, lemon basil, African blue basil, and a lot more. Some people are making a collection of these and other medicinal plants that have different varieties

9. Beautification

One of the many purposes of plants is to make the surroundings prettier, inside of your home or outside. Having medicinal garden plants serves not only for treatment and health purposes but also to beautify the surroundings. These plants have gorgeous flowers, too. If not flowering, their foliage gives nice hues and patterns.

10. Fun

Medicinal garden plants make you healthy, the garden relieves stress, you can create better recipes and better food flavors, able to save by having them just around you and an earning opportunity. More so, you have a better-looking backyard and garden. You must be having fun!

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