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Boxing and Packaging This Holiday Season

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The holidays are fast approaching and this year is going to be different. Very different my friends! You see, as we are here celebrating the holidays we are going to be thinking of our family who lives in Puerto Rico and have been devastated by hurricane Maria.

During this holiday season, we will be shifting our focus to helping those in need in Puerto Rico by making sure they know that we care.

The holiday season is going to be tough for many people in the USA, and not having running water and electricity is going to be even tougher for many in the Caribbean.

This brings us back to what the meaning of the holidays is for our family and us.

The gift of giving!

The holiday season is not about us, but about giving and helping others.

It is why we will continue to ship boxes not only for our family, but for those who will need them, and to make sure that they also know they matter and that we care during the holiday season.

A small box full of items with a special, handwritten note will bring joy to anyone who receives our boxes- which is why we are going to be doing this, to bring joy to a family in need.

Making sure that these boxes can survive the ride overseas is essential. When we prepare our boxes, we need to make sure they don’t break. We want to make sure that these care packages make it safe and bring holiday cheer to them.

Boxing and packaging this holiday season? Check out these 5 important tips to make sure your box arrives safe to its destination.5 Tips to Boxing and Packaging This Holiday Season


We make sure that what box or bag we are using to send items is durable and can make the trip. Unlike shipping domestic shipping boxes, when shipping overseas, you have to make sure that the box or bag can handle it.

These packages are going a long way, and their trip is not going to be an easy one. You want a box or bag that is going to take on the challenge and make sure that the items are safe for the recipient.

The Items

Make sure the items we send are safe to mail (we made the mistake of purchasing solar lamps that were not safe to send overseas) and the cost alone to do so was too high for us.

Another thing you want to make sure is that items that are easy to break or leak should be wrapped to prevent damage to the the box and other items that are in the box.

This leads to our next tip:

Make sure you know what you can ship

As we mentioned before, we assumed that since Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are US territories, that we could send some items like solar powered lanterns- which is not true at all.

We could, but we would have paid way too much, and it would have taken longer to send. If we were aware of this, we could have skipped these items and saved the time on returning them.

Make sure the address is visible

Make sure you print your address, and it is clear when you are shipping. Also, make sure that you have the correct address written down. If you don’t the package will take longer to arrive.

Get the right tape

We have the items, the address, and the boxes, but we need a tape to put this box together. This is when you need to make sure you use a packaging tape that is going to do the job and can handle the trip.

We love DuckMax Packaging Tape, and the reason why is because it’ 100x stronger than acrylic tapes- which means we get maximum adhesion.

What does this mean? It means that this tape is going to stick to the box and hold.

DuckMax Packaging Tape can handle the heavy-duty shipping to Puerto Rico, and these packages are certainly going to brighten someone’s holiday.

The good news is that we found DuckMax Packaging Tape in our local Sam’s Club in the office supplies aisle. The cost is under $20 for an 8-pack, heavy-duty clear tape.

If you are shipping this holiday season, make sure you invest in a good quality tape that will handle the trip and give you peace of mind.

The packages we are sending matter to us, and we want to make sure that when they arrive at their destination, all they can think about is what’s inside of the box.

Again, when you visit your local Sam’s Club, grab DuckMax Packaging Tape and send your holiday packages knowing that you have sealed your boxes with a well-known brand we all love.

Your turn: Are you planning to ship boxes this holiday season? Do you do care packages and send them out? What are your tips when shipping packages during the holiday season?

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  1. I like that you provided some tips for boxing and packaging such as making sure that the address is visible. It is important that you label your boxes with the right information to ensure that they will be delivered to the right address. You may also want to add additional labels such as “Fragile” or “Handle with care” if there are breakable items inside. If I were to package and ship some of my items, I would make sure to keep this in mind. Thanks.

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