The Language of Flowers and Choosing the Perfect Bouquet

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Picture a world where roses are not just in bloom but silent harbingers… Where lilies murmur love and sunflowers grin happiness. This insane world actually exists. Since ancient times, flowers have become a language that needs no translation. A secret code, so to speak, known as floriography.

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Intrigued? Sounds interesting right? You should be! Yes, and you should be too! Learning this language can take your gift-giving abilities from bland to super thoughtful. Don't choose the regular greeting cards to convey your emotions. Greet a bouquet right away to fill volumes of unspoken words.

sunflower in a vase

Let’s explore the wonderful world of what those flowers mean. Here are some popular blooms and their meanings:

Love Queen: Rose is The Rose – Red roses are the undoubtedly winners of inspiring love Nonetheless, roses have something more explosive to say. Pink roses: Admiration; White roses: Purity; Yellow roses: Cheer and friendship.

Lilies – Elegance and Purity Personified! If there’s one word apt to describe lilies, it’ll be ‘devotion.’ With their graceful silhouette and intoxicating fragrance, they also speak of unwavering commitment. Purity and innocence are represented by white lilies, whereas pink lilies also convey affection and gratitude.

Sunflowers: Sunshine in Bloom – These happy and bright blooms express friendship, adoration, and lasting love. They’re great to send as a thank you to someone or just to cheer up your friend.

Tulips: A Statement for All Occasions—Tulips come in many different colors and, therefore, have various meanings. Red tulips speak to perfect love, yellow tulips message energy, and purple tulips speak of sovereignty and exquisite praise.

Daisies(daisy symbolism): Daisies are the perfect symbol for purity, innocence and new beginnings. These bright blooms signify everything from simplicity to childbirth! A delightful way to congratulate a graduate or welcome in a new era.

bouquet of tulips

Credit Beyond Blooms: Choosing the Perfect Bouquet

Now that you speak the language of a few common flowers we thought we’d share with you some additional ways to make the perfect bouquet!

The Occasion: While birthdays only scream sunflowers or gerberas. Depending on the type of anniversary, you may choose to send classic roses or lilies. You can never go wrong with a bouquet of mixed-colored flowers if all else fails.

First step is personalization, think about the personality of the recipient. Does your friend love bright colors? Opt for a vibrant mix. Go with a mixed and bright. Does your mommy love all the traditional things too? — oh no, a bouquet of elegant lilies or roses would be fine!

The Color is a Thing!! Do not forget to read out the deeper, more meaningful significance flower colors hold in the floral language. Red passion, a yellow cheerfulness and white purity. Don’t forget to color-coordinate your message marketing. 

In a study on the relationship between colours and marketing, %80 of people claim colorimetric serialization increases comprehension, learning & reading pleasure.

Think Outside of the Box, Don’t Hesitate on Experiments! Try incorporating some different blossoms, such as orchids or hydrangeas, for an even more advanced patio system. 

By learning the significance behind flowers and following these guidelines, what was once just a bouquet can now be a truly meaningful representation of your emotions. Can you simply picture the smile on someone special’s face while receiving a freshly delivered flower arrangement specially designed for them from the core of your heart?!

For this reason, the next time you receive good news or some happy event occurs in your life. Planning and gorgeous floral language flowers along with the available choices, a bunch could be designed in no time that speaks directly by heart.

Additionally, get flowers delivered by Daily Blooms directly to their home for an even easier experience! A thoughtful, sweet-smelling bouquet can reach them from across the country and remind them how much you love them, no matter where they are.

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