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How to Save Money on Household Essentials

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Managing a household on a budget can be a challenge. Deciding to save money often leads to thinking that you’re going to have to do without something you need or enjoy. But, if you shop smart you can not only save money but get the things you need and even have a little left over for a splurge or two!

How to Save Money on Household Essentials - Managing a household on a budget can be a challenge. Knowing which household essentials will save you money with little left over for a splurge or two!How to Save Money on Household Essentials

Cleaning Supplies

When it comes to cleaning supplies you may be used to purchasing several different items but when it comes down to it a gallon of vinegar, a box or two of baking soda, some dish detergent and you’re all set. Learning how to mix and use these simple products will help you clean everything from the shower door to the stove very inexpensively!

For recipes on homemade cleaning supplies check out the following links below:

Air Freshening

Why spend a fortune on scented candles, wax cubes or spray air fresheners when you can use natural things to get rid of bad smells and create a lasting great scent? Baking soda is ideal for absorbing odors. Not just in your fridge and freezer but in carpeting, on furniture and even sitting in a bowl in the bathroom. A cut lemon or orange set out in a bowl for a few hours or a cinnamon stick or two simmering on the stove will provide a great overall smell for your home.

For DIY air freshener recipes check out these links below:

Compare Prices

Did you know that if you buy paper towels or toilet paper in a big store or grocery store that you’re likely overpaying? Compare the prices of your favorite brands at your usual store and at a couple of dollar stores. Yes, dollar stores do carry name brands, often for less than you would pay at the big name store.

To see a list of items to buy and not to buy at a dollar store check out the links below:

Buy in Bulk

Whenever possible you will want to purchase larger packages of household items like toilet paper. When you break down the price on a large package into a per roll cost, you are actually saving money over the small package. Plus, you’ll have to shop less often if you buy in bulk.

Get money saving tips regarding buying in bulk below:

Coffee Creamer

For many of us coffee creamer is a household necessity. All those flavors and rich creaminess are an important part of each morning. With a little ingenuity and a stocked baking cabinet you can make your own creamer for pennies instead of buying 32-ounce bottles for $5. A can of sweetened condensed milk, milk or half and half, and a few drops of flavored extract like hazelnut or vanilla and voila you have a delicious inexpensive coffee creamer!

Need coffee creamer recipes? Check out the links below:

Knowing how to save money on household essentials will save you money. What other tips or other way do you save money on household essentials?

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