9 Never Thought Of Road Trip Essentials for Family Travel (Free Planner)

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When packing for a family road trip, it's easy to forget all the little things that can make or break your experience.

The nine essentials listed below will prepare you for anything on the open road. This list has everything from snacks and games to first-aid kits and weather apps!

Before we begin, let's go over a few things.

What you are not going to find on our list is luggage because we know you know you need a great choice of luggage, and if you didn't know.

While soft shell suitcases provide flexibility and are easier to fit into tight spaces, hard shell suitcases are renowned for their durability and the added protection they offer for your family's belongings.

In such scenarios, opting for an Eminent hard shell suitcase can be especially significant, given the higher likelihood of wear and tear on your luggage during family road trips.

Now that you know, let's continue.

What are the Benefits of Family Road Trips?

A recent study found that taking a road trip with your family is the best way to spend time together. The survey polled people in five different life stages, and those who took a vacation by car reported they felt most connected to their families or friends.

This research makes sense because driving forces us out of our comfort zones by exposing us to new people and surroundings.

Let's say that after 2020, road trips are back to being popular again!

The tips three benefits are:

  • A connection with family and friends
  • An opportunity to explore our surroundings in new ways
  • The chance to have new experiences that we might never get another opportunity to make happen

The benefits are clear, so let's continue.

We've discussed why taking a road trip is good for families, but there are also some important essential things that you should consider.

Best Time for Road Trips

The best time of day to take a long trip is during nighttime hours so you can get more sleep before arriving at your destination. This is also a great way to avoid the heat of the day.

Another best time to start your family road trip is the day after you've completed a big project or event. This gives your body time to recover before beginning another activity.

Start with a healthy breakfast of whole-wheat toast, fruit, and a protein shake to start things off on the right foot.

Free Family Road Trip Planner

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This includes five printable pages or can easily be saved to your phone; packing and budgeting sheets, a checklist of vital things to have when getting ready for your journey, and essentials.

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Below are nine of the most essential for family road trips, as well as some helpful tips and tricks to help you avoid headaches along the way!

First Aid Kit

Make sure to include a first aid kit covering everything from allergies, burns, blisters, and cuts. It's also good to have Bandaids for anyone prone to getting hurt or who wants extra protection on their blister packed with an ointment like Neosporin.

Don't Forget the Snacks

Regarding road trips with your family, don't forget snacks! There's nothing worse than coming up to a rest stop and realizing that you're out of snacks. Pack granola bars, protein shakes, or fruit cups are the best options for when hunger strikes.

A Portable Charger

You never know when you'll need a charge, so it's best to bring one with at least two outlets.

Parking Passes or Apps

If you're planning on driving a lot and staying in different cities, purchase parking passes ahead of time so that if your car gets towed, you know where it will be located. This also reduces the number of times you'll have to pay for parking.

Finding affordable gas prices using apps and hotels using deal apps is another family road trip essential.

Blankets, Pillows, and Pajamas

It can be difficult for kids to stay focused or get a good night's sleep if they're uncomfortable in their car seats. To avoid this problem, pack blankets, pillows, and pajamas so that everyone.

A Cleaning Kit

A cleaning kit is another essential road trip item for families. It is important to have cleaning supplies on hand in the case of spills or accidents because there are a lot of germs waiting to infect your family during their travels.

You can create your care basket for your family road trip. Learn more when you read Car Basket Helps Busy Families Be Prepared.

Books or Audio Books!

If you're stuck with downtime during long drives, pack up some books for the whole family and enjoy reading together as you travel.

You may also enjoy family-friendly audiobooks; Audibles have a fantastic collection.

A Camera

If you don't mind stopping every few minutes to snap pictures, a camera is a fun way for families to remember their trip and capture moments they may never see again with the help of technology.

Activities for the Road Trip

During a family road trip, don't forget to bring activities to keep everyone entertained. Playing games on the long car ride is a great way to keep everyone happy and occupied, plus it will also help pass the time, so you don't drive off the road into someone else's front yard!

In addition to playing games, I recommend bringing something for each family member to do independently or with another person in the car.

Many great road trip essentials will make your time in the car more enjoyable and less of a drag! And with these nine essentials for family travel, there is no reason not to get out on the open road and enjoy your time together!

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  3. My road trip essentials are games and snacks. I never hit the road without drinks and sunscreen. When sick gets real in our house I use Children’s Advil from Pfizer.

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