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5 Ways To Not Fail At Gardening This Season

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Not fail at gardening, you will not! With these amazing ways, you will get to enjoy your garden this season!

Since 2014 I decided that I wanted to start a garden and grow my own food. I was full force into my frugal journey and gardening was my next home adventure.

Gardening was something I decided to do because I wanted to save money on groceries, I wanted to get a little bit of self-sufficiency.

Keep in mind that I’ve never grown anything in my life. My grandparents in Puerto Rico grew a majority of their own food, but we never managed to pay attention to that.

Starting a garden was something that I wanted to do and set my mind to do that year.

What I didn’t anticipate was how much I was going to love it.

I loved how much money I saved.

I loved that these delicious vegetables tasted even better than store bought.

Not only did my garden brought me joy, it brought others joy as well.

The benefits of gardening are amazing, and even as a beginner gardener, I was able to enjoy my garden to the fullest.

I’m not going to lie and say that I wasn’t worried that I was going to end up killing my plants.

Before starting my garden last year, I did my research. I Googled a lot about gardening, but still, I was afraid that I was going to fail miserably when it came to my garden.

Did I make some beginner gardening mistakes?

Absolutely, and I’m pretty sure that I will make some beginner gardener mistakes this year too!

That doesn’t mean that I will not try it again. For that reason alone, I wrote this post How Not To Fail At Gardening, to helps us beginner gardeners to successfully grow our gardens this year without fear.

Thinking about starting your own garden at home? Learn these 5 tips to not fail at gardening and a free 10 days email course to help you enjoy a successful gardening season this year! Beginner gardeners are going to love this course and avoid failing at gardening this year.#GardeningHow Not To Fail At Gardening

Create a gardening plan for beginner gardeners

If this is your first year at attempting to grow something green, then you need to start your gardening plans. Write what you want and start researching.

Stick to small

As much as we imagine our beautiful gardens to be and how many vegetables we want, the reality is that we need to stick to starting a small garden.

Gardening requires work, and if you don’t have space nor the time to invest in a big garden, I suggest you start small.

Research what you want to plant

Don’t plant plants that require a lot of work. Each plant requires different care. They require different amounts of sunlight and different temperatures. Some plants are great for summer, and others for fall. Not sure what to plant as a beginner gardener?

Start with these:

  • Lettuce – I planted a few of these last year and throughout the season. I followed the instructions on the seed packet and did extremely good with them. I have to admit that nothing beats a fresh salad from the garden.
  • Peppers – Again, I grew pepper plants last year and did very well. This is something that if I can do, anyone else can.
  • Tomatoes – I was impressed with the number of tomatoes we harvested last year. We even made homemade tomato sauce.
  • Herbs – I have to group this because I bought my herbs from the Dollar Tree, and that was the best investment ever.

Location, location, LOCATION!

If you want your garden to thrive, you must know where to set it. First, let me just say that you need to place your garden where it can be seen. Out of sight, out of mind.

You need to make sure you tend to your garden, remove any weeds, and pest regularly. Also, remember that depending on what you’re planting, sunlight and the amount it gets is important. Placing your garden where the sun doesn’t shine (LOL – grow up!), will not help your plants.

Another important thing to remember when setting your garden, make sure you are close to water. Don’t place your garden in the back of the house, and your hose is in the front of the house. This will make for hard work my friend.

Learn about companion planting 

I learned about companion planting my first year of gardening and honestly, I didn’t know about this at all. Thanks to planning and researching, I was so glad I did. Companion planting means growing plants together that are alike or are a benefit to each other.

Because we are beginner gardeners, companion planting may sound complicated, but thanks to the internet, we are able to find charts that show us and informs us about which plant goes with who and why.

For this reason, I found this great reference guide for companion planting to help you with your garden. You can check it out here. This is very important information to know before you start planting your garden.

Gardening is such a great thing to do and I encourage you to at least start small. Gardening saves you money, it’s good for you and your family. With these tips, you can succeed at starting your own garden for the first time.

Free gardening course for beginners will help them not fail at gardening this year. Sign up today!

To help you get started with your gardening adventure and help you not fail this season we are offering a free gardening course for beginners. To get this email course simply sign up using your email address!

When it comes to gardening, what other helpful tips do you have to not fail at gardening?

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  1. Thanks for these tips! Every year my Husband says he is going to start a garden. Every year he fails to follow through, lol. Im going to show him this post!

    1. Haha! Your husband sounded like me years ago. I always said I was … never started it. Then last year I finally got the guts to do it. Let me know how it goes when you start. Would love to read about it. Thank you Christina!

  2. These are such great tips! I have such a black thumb and a partial shade patio off of my apartment so I haven’t had much luck, but I’ll have to utilize this.

    Waiting for Spring to arrive in Pittsburgh… it’s literally snowing right now!

    1. First let me just say that please…. PLEASE… keep that snow from East PA!! I only have this small patch of snow left in my yard!! Start with herbs and don’t be like me, I planted like I was going to sell at the Farmer’s Market.

      Again, sorry to hear about the snow.. please um keep it your way. 😉

  3. Great tips! In my first attempt at a garden (a few years ago), I definitely bit off more than I could chew. I definitely want to give it a go this year-but will stick to something smaller, maybe container gardening this time I kind of want to try those potato containers I’ve seen on Pinterest since that’s the most eaten vegetable in this house!
    P.S. I don’t think I realized before you were in PA too 🙂

    1. Thank you Kristina. I did containers last year and herbs did great. Tomatoes not so much. This time I’m doing potatoes too! I got the “seeds” at walmart and I’m giving it a try.

      Yeah I live in Leesport!

  4. when i clicked on the reference guide link my Norton blocked a virus attack so watch out folks you can find companion planting charts easily on the internet

    1. The link has been working fine when checked. Sorry that is not working for you. Here’s the link if you are interested. http://growincrazyacres.com/companion-planting-chart/

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