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Free Summer Planner Just For You!

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Guys! You need this free summer planner right now!

And yes my friend, it is free!

Why are we giving this summer planner for free?

Because summer is no joke for many families. You see summer can be hard with kids out of schools, keeping the family entertainment and sometimes summer camps and daycare can be expensive.

Free Summer Planner For You

Save money on ink

What's amazing about this planner is that is 12 pages to download and you print as many pages as you need. This prevents printing pages you don't need and avoid wasting money on ink.

To save money on ink we use HP Instant Ink program and you can learn more about it by clicking this link.

It has what you need

This free digital summer planner has what you need and you can print the pages that you are going to need.

  • Important Information sheet
  • Summer Goals sheet
  • Summer Overview sheets
  • Blank month calendar sheet
  • Week planner sheets
  • Weekly Meal Planner sheet
  • Monthly Bills sheet
  • Note sheet

What each sheet is about

The Important info paper helps you keep all important numbers and information in one sheet. Write down important contact, accounts and emergency numbers and share its location with your family.

The Summer Goal sheets help you create and achieve the goals you set for the summer. From family goals to personal goals write them all down.

Summer Overview sheet was designed to keep you on task of important monthly events. It has a Most Important area for those important things you have to do for that month.

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The summer planner also has a blank monthly calendar for you to fill out and write any reminders or special dates. Print one time for one month or multiple time for all summer months. The choice is up to you.

Week planner sheets are there to print out once a week and fill with appointments and other weekly events. Print out each week and fill out.

The Meal Plan sheet is an easy way to save you time and money in the kitchen. Create a weekly meal plan for the week and create your favorite summer meals.

Monthly Bill sheet is there to help you keep track of your summer bills. Whether pool membership or summer camps write down all your bills down and never have a late bill this summer.

Notes sheets were created with the idea of you writing down special notes to help you get to buy this summer. Use these sheets to write down anything you want. 😀

You can access to this 12-page Summer Planner and many more by accessing our Subscriber's Library.

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Your turn: What are your thoughts about this free summer planner? Share it with us!

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