Winter Home Cleaning Checklist for a Healthy and Cozy Season

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Most people often wait until the springtime to do a deep clean of their homes, and while this is a great time to do it, it’s also important to do a winter clean. Because our doors and windows are more likely to be closed, germs and viruses become sealed in, and the last thing you want is for you and your family to get sick during the festive period. Let’s take a look at this ultimate winter cleaning checklist.

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cozy bed ready for winter


While it’s likely that you change your bedding often, you need to think about other things, such as your duvets, pillows, and mattresses. Strip off your bed covers and take a good look at your mattress to inspect for any bed bugs or mold. If you find anything, call a pest control company to come and take care of the problem.

If you haven’t replaced your pillows and duvets in a while, now would be the time to do that. Or, perhaps you have winter bedding you prefer to use, and you can replace it come springtime. Finally, if you have a headboard, don’t forget to wipe it down as it could have accumulated dirt over time.

Air and dryer vents

Making sure the air in your home is clean is essential to ensuring you and your family stay fit and healthy. One great way to ensure this is to use the best kind of HVAC filters for your system. Not only do they help keep the air in your home clean, but they can also save you money on your energy bills.

If you’re seeing dust particles, then it might be time to call in an air duct cleaning company. You should also take the time to check your dryer vents, as lint buildup is a large cause of fires in the home.

Behind kitchen and utility appliances

If you’re like most, you tend to skip over cleaning behind your larger appliances when cleaning your kitchen and utility room. The truth is, we all know there are crumbs and dust accumulated behind. Now is the time to put the effort in to move these appliances and give them a good sweep and mop. You’ll feel so much better when you’ve done it, and you’ll minimize the chance of pests that may be looking for something to eat.

While you’re at it, why not give your large appliances a good clean? Scrub down your oven, clean the washing machine, and dust behind to increase efficiency.

Carpets and flooring

You probably already know how much dirt gets walked into your home from the number of times you have to vacuum. Doing a deep clean of your carpets and thoroughly scrubbing your hard flooring will help eliminate dust and germs from your home even further. If you have rugs, consider shampooing them to give them a new lease of life and eliminate any dirt buildup.

Ceiling fans, trims and baseboards

When it comes to cleaning, these are often overlooked areas of the home because we don’t often see them or they’re not in our eyeline. However, these areas accumulate lots of it and may begin to irritate those with allergies.

Take the time to clean your ceiling fans, trims, and baseboards. Using a dryer sheet once they’re clear of dust will not only leave a lovely scent but help repel dust from settling there in the future.

an image of a women planning to declutter


Even the most organized of people have clutter, and sometimes, it’s difficult to differentiate what’s clutter and what isn’t. However, decluttering can be time-consuming and monotonous. A great rule to follow is the 6-month rule. Ask yourself:

  • Have I used this in the last 6 months?
  • Will I use it in the next 6 months?

If the answer to both of those questions is no, then it’s probably time to sell, donate, or put that item into storage.

Another great tip for tackling clutter is just to do one room at a time. If you think you’ll be getting rid of a large amount of possessions, hiring a dumpster might be easier and more cost-effective.


Curtains gather dust and smells throughout the year, especially if you often keep your windows open during warmer months. If you’ve got winter curtains, take the time to hang them and wash your current curtains.

While you’re in the vicinity, wipe down and sanitize window panes and ledges to get rid of any dust or allergens that may have accumulated over the year.

Fireplace, furnace and chimney

There’s a good chance that your fireplace hasn’t been used in a while, and if that is the case, it’s a good idea to call out a chimney sweep to ensure your chimney is clear and free of soot ready for winter use. This will help keep the air clean and prevent house fires.

Now is the time to also have your furnace inspected and cleared. Call your local furnace repair services company to come and give it the once over so that you’ve got that peace of mind. Not only that, but doing this may lower your winter energy bills.


How often do you clean your furniture, especially furniture that’s upholstered? These pieces of furniture will have gathered dust and may experienced spills or crumbs over time. Investing in a water vacuum is a good idea to help shampoo your upholstered furniture and bring out any dust or stains that it has. Doing this will also help improve air quality during the winter months.


Finally, the garage is often used to store cars and maybe tools for some DIY, but because it’s such an unused and neglected area of the home, this could be welcoming to pests and insects. Have a clear-out and organize your garage to ensure that not only is it nice and clean, but there aren’t any unwanted pests hiding away. Again, calling a pest control company is your best bet if you find any.

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