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What To Eat On Dia De Los Reyes?

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Hey there, food explorers! Have you ever wondered “What To Eat On Dia De Los Reyes?” This special day, also known as Three Kings' Day, is celebrated with fantastic dishes that bring families and friends together around the table.

This is one of my favorite holidays, and growing up, I got my shoe box and filled it with grass for the camels the night before so the Kings would leave me a gift. Good days!

I will take a tasty tour through the traditional foods that make Dia De Los Reyes a delicious and joyful celebration. Join us as we discover the delightful flavors that make this day yummy!

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Dia de Los Reyes, or Three Kings' Day, is a traditional holiday celebrated in many Spanish-speaking countries. It has its roots in the Christian tradition of the arrival of the Three Wise Men to visit baby Jesus. The holiday is observed on January 6th each year and is marked with festive activities, including gift-giving and sharing a special cake called Rosca de Reyes.

An image of the three kings and king's bread in the background.

Dia De Los Reyes, people relish diverse traditional foods, varying across cultures. Rosca de Reyes, a sweet wreath-shaped bread topped with candied fruits, holds a hidden baby Jesus figure for good luck.

Celebrants also enjoy hot chocolate, tamales, atole, and regional pastries. These delights differ by region and country, yet the essence of sharing and celebrating with loved ones defines this joyful tradition.

Join us as we explore the heartwarming customs and delightful flavors of this celebratory experience!

What to do for Día de Los Reyes?

Día de Los Reyes offers joyful ways to celebrate: enjoy parades honoring the Three Wise Men, bake and share Rosca de Reyes with a hidden figurine symbolizing baby Jesus, relish traditional foods like tamales and hot chocolate, exchange gifts, attend church services, write hopeful letters, give to others, and cherish time with loved ones. It's about creating memories and embracing generosity and togetherness.

Attend Parades and Celebrations

Many places hold parades and festivities to honor the Three Wise Men's journey. Families gather to watch colorful processions, music, and performances that bring the holiday spirit to life.

Prepare and Share Rosca de Reyes

Try baking or buying a Rosca de Reyes, a wreath-shaped sweet bread. Sharing this delicious treat with family and friends is a fun tradition. Don't forget, it often has a hidden figurine inside representing baby Jesus!

Enjoy Traditional Foods

Delight in traditional foods such as tamales, hot chocolate, atole, and regional pastries. These tasty treats vary across regions but are always a celebration highlight.

Exchange Gifts

 In some cultures, children receive gifts on Día de Los Reyes. Families exchange presents, just like the Three Wise Men gave gifts to baby Jesus. It's a lovely time to share love and appreciation with your loved ones.

Attend Church Services

 Many families attend special church services dedicated to the celebration of the Epiphany. It's a time for prayers and reflection on the significance of the Three Wise Men's visit to baby Jesus.

Write Letters to the Three Wise Men

In some traditions, children write letters to the Three Wise Men, expressing their wishes and hopes for the coming year. It's a heartfelt activity that brings excitement and anticipation.

Give to Others

Since this day is about giving, consider doing something kind for others. It could be donating to charity, volunteering, or simply spreading joy and kindness within your community.

Remember, the most important thing about Día de Los Reyes is spending time with loved ones, sharing joy, and celebrating the essence of giving and togetherness. Whether you participate in parades, bake Rosca de Reyes, exchange gifts, or perform acts of kindness, this day is about creating cherished memories and celebrating the spirit of generosity.

What is the Significance of Dia De Los Reyes?

Dia de Los Reyes, known as Three Kings' Day, holds significant cultural and religious importance. The celebration commemorates the visit of the three wise men, Melchior, Gaspar, and Balthasar, who followed a star and brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to baby Jesus in Bethlehem. It is celebrated on January 6th, twelve days after Christmas.

The day holds various symbolic meanings. The Rosca de Reyes, a crown-shaped pastry with a small doll hidden inside, represents the hiding of baby Jesus from King Herod's search. Finding the doll symbolizes good luck and the responsibility of hosting a gathering on Candlemas Day.

Día de Los Reyes is also associated with gift-giving. In many Latin American countries, children receive presents on this day instead of Christmas. This tradition reflects the gifts brought by the three wise men to honor the birth of Jesus.

Additionally, the celebration highlights themes of faith, generosity, and unity. Families come together to share festive meals, such as tamales and hot chocolate, fostering bonds and creating cherished memories.

Overall, Día de Los Reyes serves as a meaningful reminder of the biblical story, emphasizing love, gratitude, and the spirit of giving during the holiday season.

What To Eat On Dia De Los Reyes?

Dia de Los Reyes, or Three Kings Day, embraces various traditional Mexican foods integral to the celebratory ambiance. These dishes epitomize the joy of this special holiday. Rosca de Reyes, a sweet, ring-shaped bread adorned with candied fruits and a hidden baby Jesus figure, holds cultural significance. Desserts like Tres Leches Cake offer rich indulgence, while Atole, a comforting beverage with cinnamon or chocolate flavors, complements the festive spirit.

Here are traditional dishes categorized by main meals, desserts, and beverages for Dia de los Reyes:

Main Meals

Rosca de Reyes (Three Kings' Bread)

Rosca de Reyes, or Three Kings' Bread, is a sweet, oval-shaped bread or cake adorned with colorful candied fruits. A small figurine representing baby Jesus hides inside. It's a traditional treat during Dia de los Reyes, and finding the figurine brings the responsibility of hosting a celebration on Candlemas Day.


Tamales are a cherished Mexican dish made of masa (corn dough) filled with meats, cheese, vegetables, or fruits. These flavorful fillings are wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves and steamed to perfection. Whether savory or sweet, tamales are a staple in Mexican cuisine, enjoyed during festive occasions like Dia de los Reyes.


Pozole is a hearty Mexican soup or stew cherished during Dia de los Reyes and various celebrations. It consists of hominy (large corn kernels) simmered with meat (usually pork or chicken) and seasoned with aromatic spices. Toppings such as radishes, cabbage, avocado, and lime complement its rich flavors, creating a beloved dish.


Romeritos is a traditional Mexican dish commonly enjoyed during special occasions like Dia de los Reyes. It features a green herb native to Mexico, cooked in a flavorful mole sauce with shrimp, potatoes, and nopales (cactus pads). Its unique taste and cultural significance make it a cherished part of festive celebrations.

Bacalao (Salted Cod)

Bacalao, or salted cod, is a revered dish in Mexican cuisine, often served during Dia de los Reyes. The dried and salted fish is cooked with tomatoes, onions, olives, and potatoes, creating a flavorful and hearty stew. Its unique taste and historical significance make it a staple during festive occasions.


Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake is a delectable Mexican dessert enjoyed during Dia de los Reyes and various celebrations. It comprises a sponge cake soaked in three types of milk—evaporated, condensed, and heavy cream—yielding a moist and rich texture. Topped with whipped cream or meringue, it offers a luscious and indulgent sweetness.


Buñuelos are delightful Mexican fried dough pastries commonly savored during Dia de los Reyes. They are crispy and thin, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar or drizzled with syrup for sweetness. These traditional treats come in various shapes and sizes, offering a delightful crunchy texture and comforting flavors during festive celebrations.


Churros are beloved Mexican pastries enjoyed during Dia de los Reyes and various festivities. These fried dough treats are long, thin, and crispy, coated in cinnamon sugar. Served piping hot, they offer a delightful crunch on the outside and a soft, fluffy texture inside, perfect for dipping in chocolate sauce.

Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding)

Arroz con Leche is a comforting Mexican rice pudding popular during Dia de los Reyes celebrations. This creamy dessert is made by simmering rice with milk, sugar, and cinnamon until thickened. Often infused with raisins, it offers a sweet, aromatic flavor, served warm or chilled for a delightful treat.


Capirotada is a traditional Mexican bread pudding often enjoyed during Dia de los Reyes. Layers of bread, cheese, nuts, and dried fruits are combined and baked with cinnamon and cloves, creating a sweet and savory dessert. Its rich flavors and varied textures make it a cherished part of festive celebrations.



Atole is a comforting and warm Mexican beverage often savored during Dia de los Reyes. This thick, masa-based drink is made by simmering masa (corn dough) with water, and sugar, and flavored with cinnamon, vanilla, or chocolate. It offers a cozy and flavorful experience, perfect for festive gatherings.


Ponche is a fruity and spiced Mexican punch commonly enjoyed during Dia de los Reyes festivities. This warm beverage is simmered with a variety of fruits like apples, guavas, and tejocotes, complemented by cinnamon and sweetened with piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar). Its aromatic flavors offer a comforting and festive experience.

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is a beloved beverage enjoyed during Dia de los Reyes celebrations. This creamy and indulgent drink is made by mixing melted chocolate or cocoa powder with milk or water. Often flavored with cinnamon or a hint of chili, it offers a comforting and richly satisfying experience during festive gatherings.

Café de Olla

Café de Olla is a traditional Mexican coffee served during Dia de los Reyes. It's brewed with cinnamon sticks and piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar), infusing the coffee with sweet and spicy flavors. This aromatic drink offers a unique and delightful taste, perfect for enhancing the festive ambiance of the celebration.


Horchata is a refreshing Mexican beverage enjoyed during Dia de los Reyes. Made from ground rice or almonds, it's sweetened with sugar and flavored with cinnamon and sometimes vanilla. This creamy and slightly nutty drink offers a cool and comforting taste, perfect for celebrating the holiday.

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