Types of Floor Signs

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Despite a common misunderstanding, not only number plaques can be considered floor signs. There are different types of door and wall signage and every is crucial for certain purposes in navigation. They also play an important role in the building layout and ensure that not only visitors but also proper services and specialists will find their way around the space. Let’s explore more about floor signs.

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What Should You Know About the Use of Floor Signs?

However, before we start, it’s important to realize certain important aspects of the functionality and use of floor signs. Consider the following:

  • Visual design: Floor signs must be properly designed to be visible and readable. Certain regulations require that plaques must be made in contrasting colors that can be easily distinguished. Also, make sure the chosen sizes will suit the overall interior design and will make the information depicted on the sign visible from a distance.
  • Attachment: Floor number signs must be securely placed at entry points. The purpose of this is to help visitors instantly realize their location. Other types of signs that don’t include numbers might be placed in different areas, depending on their use. However, mostly they are placed next to elevators and staircases.
  • Supplier: Where can you buy good floor signs that correspond to all the highest standards? Bsign Store offers the best assortment of products you can find online. What’s more, you can even place a custom order and adjust your product to the most sophisticated criteria. 

Floor Number Signs

There’s nothing complex and complicated about floor numbers. These are just plates with numerals that indicate different floors of the building. It’s not recommended to include any other pieces of information in order to make a number sign redundant. What’s more, it might be required by certain regulations that a floor number sign should include only that information to indicate the location. Other pieces of information should be displayed on other door and wall plaques.

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Evacuation Directional Signs

Unlike the previous type of signage, evacuation directional signs should include more information. This information might be depicted by means of both pictograms and letters. The most efficient way to show the evacuation route is to place an arrow in a proper direction alongside a symbol of a running man. These symbols are easy to comprehend and they stand as internationally recognizable and understandable signs.

Information Signs

These types of signs are different from the previous ones. You can use different types of pictograms, numerals, and lettering, depending on the piece of information you are willing to display. This might be a warning, notification, or prohibition. That depends on the rules of your facility because it seems like there are no mandatory informational signs. It’s up to you whether you want to notify visitors about the prohibition of smoking, feeding pets, littering, speaking on the phone, and other things.

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