How To Know When You Need A Financial Planner

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We discuss the importance of managing your finances and ensuring you are in control. We know a personal financial journey is not easy, but finding solutions to help you on this journey is our priority.

We discuss everything we have done to ensure we are on the right path to financial freedom and growing wealth.

I left a 15-year career to become a stay-at-home mom and later started my small business.

But when do you know it is time to start planning?

When do you know you need a financial planner? Not just any financial planner, a CFP® professional, but more about this later.

We discuss planning and managing your money on this site, but I am no certified expert. I can recommend how to live frugally and how to grow your saving and wealth on my essential experience possibly; but when it comes to things like what retirement investment is best for you, I can’t.

Our financial journeys differ from person to person, and no single financial situation is alike. We have mentioned this before, and we will say it again: there may be a time when you might need to seek the guidance and knowledge of a professional.

In need of a financial planner? Learn why it is so important to make sure you find the perfect and importantly qualified planner to handle your money.

So, do you need a financial planner?

To answer that question, it is up to you and your knowledge. For someone like me, I make sure I leave some of this money matters to a professional who is a CFP® professional.

Remember when I mentioned you needed more than just a financial planner? Below I explain why CFP® professionals are required to complete extensive training before obtaining the certification.

Let’s begin by breaking down what a CFP® certification is, shall we?

The CFP® mark stands for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional.

CFP® certification is the symbol of excellence in financial planning, and a CFP® professional is required to act in your best interest when providing financial planning services.

If you want to let a professional handle your finances, such as retirement, investing, or a major critical money matter, then ensure that the financial planner you seek out has this CFP® certification. Hence, you know that you are working with a competent and ethical professional.

As a personal finance and frugal living blogger, I feel that this is something that needs to be shared, and always make sure that when you have decided that you are seeking someone to manage your finances, they are a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

For us, making sure that our retirement and other investments are handled professionally was a step in the right direction as a family.

My CFP® professional is helping manage one side of our finances while we focus on other finances that we can manage on our own.

By doing this, we have reduced our money stress and know that when retirement comes, we can rest easy. Remember, we can’t do it all the time; we can’t always focus all our attention on our finances. Why not have a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional do the work for us so we can focus on what’s important to us?

Think about it!

If you are interested in finding a CFP® pro, head over to

Being a financial planner doesn’t have to be an intimidating or scary process! Now that you know what you need to look for make sure you always look for a CFP® professional.

Remember the certification, and know it has the rigor standing behind it.

Your turn: Regarding financial planners, what are your best tips?

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