Does Mexico Have Pasta Dishes?

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The culinary landscape of Mexico is rich and diverse, influenced by a blend of indigenous ingredients and flavors from Spanish, African, and Caribbean cuisines. One might wonder, does Mexico have pasta dishes? The answer is a resounding yes! 

While Mexico is known for its corn-based delicacies, the country also boasts a surprising array of pasta dishes that showcase the fusion of indigenous ingredients with European influences.

Mexican pasta dishes are a delightful fusion of traditional Mexican ingredients with a touch of Italian influence, resulting in unique and flavorful creations that satisfy both pasta and Mexican food lovers.

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Let’s explore these Mexican pasta dishes for you to try!

Mexican Taco Pasta

This Mexican Taco Pasta mixes the cozy feeling of pasta shells with the tasty punch of taco flavors. It has yummy ground beef and a melty blend of cheeses. The pasta shells are just right—neither too soft nor too hard—and they're covered in a creamy, cheesy sauce with savory ground beef. The flavors will make you feel like you're at your go-to taco place.

Mexican Spaghetti

If you want something different from regular spaghetti, give Mexican Spaghetti a go! The mix of spices is just right, and when you add the green chilies in the dish, it gives the perfect amount of heat. It's a tasty twist you should definitely try!

Fideo Seco

Fideo Seco is a cozy Mexican pasta dish inspired by trips to Oaxaca. In this recipe, fideo noodles get toasted in oil to make their flavor rich and nutty. After that, they're gently cooked in a yummy tomato broth with guajillo peppers for that extra kick.

Sopa de Letras

Sopa De Letras, also known as alphabet soup, is a tasty and filling Mexican soup with a tomato base that's full of flavor. It's great for a speedy weeknight dinner when you want a comforting bowl of goodness. Putting it together is easy (it's ready in just 20 minutes!), it's vegan-friendly, and you can make a lot and freeze it for later!

Espagueti Verde

This Espagueti Verde, also known as Mexican green spaghetti, is super tasty! The roasted poblano cheese sauce is creamy and delicious. If you like it spicy, throw in some jalapeños. You can also add shrimp or chicken if you want some meaty goodness! It's a real flavor explosion!

Chicken Enchilada Baked Ravioli

This Chicken Enchilada Baked Ravioli recipe is like a dream casserole. It has cheesy ravioli layered with tasty homemade enchilada sauce, loads of veggies, and, of course, plenty of cheese. Just pop it in the oven, bake it up, and you're ready to enjoy!

Chicken Mole Pasta

This Mexican pasta dish, Chicken Mole Pasta, is a flavorful blend of chicken and mole sauce. The mole sauce, a rich and complex Mexican sauce, adds a unique taste to the pasta. The dish is made for two people, making it perfect for a cozy dinner. 

One Pan Mexican Pasta

Make this One Pan Mexican Pasta with black beans, corn, cilantro, and salsa. It's a fast and simple dinner, full of veggies and protein, making it a healthy and comforting meal. Perfect for busy weeknights, this family-friendly recipe is ready in just 30 minutes with minimal cleanup. Plus, it's sure to be a hit with the kids!

Fideo con Carne

This Fideo con Carne (fideo with ground beef) is a simple, one-pot dish ideal for busy weeknight dinners. Fideo is a speedy and cozy Mexican dish. It comes in various versions, but all have fideo noodles, which are short and thin like vermicelli or angel hair pasta. 

One Pot Turkey Mexican Pasta

Try One Pot Turkey Mexican Pasta when you're in the mood for cheesy pasta but want to keep things light on fat and calories. It's a spicy, cheesy, and tasty solution for your pasta cravings. Lean ground turkey, pasta, salsa, smoky spices, and a bit of sharp cheddar cheese all come together in one pot, making it a convenient and flavorful choice!

Mexican Pasta Salad

Mexican Pasta Salad is packed with vibrant colors and flavors. It combines pasta with black beans, corn, tomatoes, and avocados. The dish is dressed in a zesty lime vinaigrette, giving it a refreshing kick. Perfect for picnics or as a side dish, this Mexican Pasta Salad is a simple and tasty way to enjoy a fusion of Mexican and pasta goodness.

Mexican Lasagna

Make this simple and cheesy Mexican lasagna with seasoned beef layered between corn tortillas and a mix of jack and cheddar cheese. Just pop it in a casserole dish and bake until it's all bubbly and delicious!

Mexican Shrimp Linguine

Mexican Shrimp Linguine brings together three things my family really enjoys: pasta, shrimp, and Mexican taste. This shrimp pasta recipe has a bit of spiciness with a whole lot of yum, and you can make it quickly.

Mexican Stuffed Shells

Mexican Stuffed Shells can be frozen as a casserole and prepared in advance. It's a fantastic recipe with taco-seasoned beef stuffed inside the shells, topped with taco sauce and cheese. It's a super easy recipe that the whole family enjoys!

Mexican Mac and Cheese

Mexican Mac and Cheese combines classic macaroni and cheese with a Mexican twist. It's loaded with ingredients like ground beef, black beans, and corn. The dish is then seasoned with taco spices, creating a zesty and comforting fusion. Topped with cheese and baked to perfection, this is a delicious and easy way to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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