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12 of The Best DIY Home Cleaning Recipes (& a Free Gift!)

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Let’s talk about DIY home cleaning recipes for a minute here, shall we? Homemade cleaners have great benefits, and one of them is that they are free from harsh chemicals most of the time.

Homemade cleaners have many benefits.

What are the benefits of homemade home cleaners?


DIY home cleaning products are super affordable compared to buying cleaning products from the store.

To give you an example, homemade cleaning wipes (Homemade Clorox Wipes) cost less per ounce than store-bought.

Storebought will run at 21¢ per ounce, and homemade will cost .02¢ per ounce. This is a huge saving if you ask me!


Some homemade cleaner recipes are good for the environment because they don’t contain harsh chemicals. Creating an eco-friendly home cleaner will also save you money and help mother nature!

Safe around children 

There are tons of DIY home cleaner recipes that are safe around kids. No need to worry about if the cleaner you are using around your home will affect your children.

Safer to breath

Even use cleaners. Their smell alone is strong and unbearable to breathe? Using a homemade cleaner makes it safer to breathe when you use them.

As you can see, using a homemade cleaning recipe gives you a creative way to clean the home that saves you money, time, and a great healthy environment for the entire family.

These DIY home cleaning recipes are great for people with allergies because most ingredients are easy to find at your local supermarket.

Here are twelve DIY home cleaning recipes that will help you clean the entire house in no time.

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Since busy is what we are and we want to help you get your spring cleaning plans in order below you will find links to your favorite DIY home cleaning or if you are a first-timer, the best DIY home cleaning recipes to use in your home.

To even help you out we have DIY Home Cleaning Recipe sheets that you can download and use at home to write or create your own home cleaner. What's even better is that these DIY Home Cleaning Recipe sheets are absolutely free.

DIY Home Cleaning Recipes

To access these recipes simply click the link and you will learn more details and obtain the homemade cleaner recipe.

(Top Secret) Tricks for Cleaning with Vinegar

In these recipes with vinegar, you can see the before and after of how well these cleaners work!

Homemade Laundry Detergent Powder – Only 3 Ingredients

Looking to make homemade laundry detergent powder and the great news is that it is only 3 ingredients.

Lemony-Lemon DIY All-Purpose Cleaner

Lisa shows how her lemony cleaning recipe does an amazing job with her bathroom and other items.

The Ultimate DIY Toilet Bowl Cleaner

If you are looking for a strong toilet cleaner, then check out this DIY toilet bowl cleaner recipe.

Homemade Upholstery Cleaner Using Simple Ingredients

For upholstery try this Homemade Upholstery Cleaner that uses only simple ingredients.

4 DIY Home Cleaner Recipes with Monthly Goals Printable

Check out these 4 DIY home cleaning recipes that also include a free monthly goal printable. These recipes include essential oils.

DIY Stainless Steel Cleaner

For cleaning your stainless steel check out this DIY home recipe.

DIY All Natural Glass Cleaner

Try this all-natural glass cleaner recipe when it is time to clean your windows.

DIY soap scum remover

For those tough areas in your bathrooms check out this DIY soap scum remover home recipe.

DIY Grout Cleaner

To remove grout during your spring cleaning this DIY Grout Cleaner recipe will help with that!

DIY Natural All Purpose Cleaner Recipe

This DIY natural all-purpose cleaner recipe will make your home sparkle and germ-free.

DIY Hardwood Floor Cleaner

For your hardwood try this DIY hardwood floor cleaner and make your floors shine.

Now for your gift!

Download this exclusive free DIY home cleaning recipe sheet right now and start writing down these recipes or create your own!

Your turn: What is your favorite DIY home cleaning recipe?

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