How to Bring Modern Rustic Decor Vibes into Your Home

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Just think back on some of the biggest home decor trends that have existed over the last few years; you’re most likely going to be thinking about trends like modern farmhouse, french country style, victorian countryside, and maybe even cottage-core.

All of these have one thing in common, and it’s the fact that they provide rustic elements. Honestly, there is something so calm and refreshing about rustic elements; in a way, it takes you back to being around your grandma or makes you think of the coziness that the countryside brings. 

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These rustic elements are all the rage, and they probably won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Plus, there’s that modern element to them that makes it create this perfect balance between old and new.

So, if you want to upgrade your living space and you’re wanting to add some rustic nods to your home, here’s how you can bring some of the rustic decor vibes straight to your home!

luxurious rustic kitchen

Embrace the Exposed Architectural Elements

If you have these, then you should fully embrace them! One of the simplest ways to embrace rustic decor is by exposing structural elements like wooden beams or brick walls. This gives your home an authentic countryside look that will wow guests and visitors alike. If exposing brickwork isn't an option, consider painting over old plasterboard with a rich earthy hue to enhance the rustic vibe.  

Not all homes will have these, especially when it comes to newer cookie-cutter homes. But generally speaking, you can still add some of the elements, such as Stikwood, for that shiplap appearance, or you could even make something like a faux beam with styrofoam or even a faux brick wall with paneling. These architectural features for old houses are splendid, but you can always fake them, and they’ll still look incredible. 

Open Up to Warmer Tones

For the most part, there’s this idea that rustic means all white, such as an all-white kitchen, but that’s not entirely true. When it comes to modern elements, neutrals such as white are absolutely perfect, but you should still open up to warmer tones for that rustic touch. Rustic design is based on the natural beauty of wood, stone, and warm colors. 

Rework classic elements from the past for a modern rustic look, such as reclaimed barn wood repurposed as an accent wall or a live edge dining table. You could even mix in a few raw finishes on architectural features like a brick fireplace surround or exposed wood ceiling. Modern rustic color palette also tends to lean toward neutral and earthy shades, with warm browns, greens, and reds.

an image of rustic modern living room

It’s All in the Texture

Rustic decor is often cozy and inviting, so adding textures like plaid textiles, plush throw blankets, and woven accent pillows can help create a warm, rustic design. Pair them with modern furniture shapes to add an organic, rustic feel to your home.

To further enhance your rustic-inspired home design a custom rug tailored to complement the cozy atmosphere. Opt for earthy tones and natural textures that echo the rustic theme, tying together the plaid textiles, plush throw blankets, and woven accent pillows.

Designing a custom rug allows you to infuse personal touches, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your rustic decor vision. The addition of this bespoke rug not only reinforces the warmth and inviting nature of the space but also serves as a distinctive centerpiece, completing the organic, rustic feel in your home.

Natural architectural materials like stone and wood can work beautifully in a modern rustic design scheme.  When it comes to rustic, the textures are mixed; it’s rough in some of the harder elements, like wood and stone, but soft in other aspects, like feathers and fur. So you essentially need to combine both elements nicely.

Always Go Natural

While all rustic interior styles vary, such as French Country and Cottagecore being similar but still entirely different, one thing you will find in both regarding their rustic elements would be how many natural elements there are.

But generally speaking, those rustic vibes can be achieved in various ways, from adding wood flooring and furniture to using natural elements to add warmth. 

For example, woven rugs, glazed pottery, and exotic wall art can all bring a rustic element to a living space. If your home is blessed with a scenic view, let it be the focus of your decor. You could even introduce hints of woodland through pretty leafy prints and sage-green surfaces.

Just be sure to keep other decor to a minimum to avoid over-accessorizing and muddying the look. Overall, embrace natural elements because that’s the whole part of the rustic decor! 

modern rustic living room decoration

You Can’t Forget the Plants

Just as rustic gardens tend to have an abundance of plants, you will want to do the same for your interior too.

Adding plants helps tie a room together and provides a healthy, earthy aesthetic. Plants like hanging vine-style ferns or heartleaf philodendrons add an organic feel and can be placed in mason jars, old crates, or small jute pots to keep the style cohesive.

More is more, and when it comes to plants, potted plants, or even flowers, you should love it and embrace them!

Have Plenty of Natural Light

You’ll be fairly limited on what you can do when it comes to natural lighting, but if you have large windows and plenty of them, then be sure to open up those curtains. Natural light is one of the most popular design tricks used in modern rustic decorating, especially in open spaces like living rooms and kitchens.

Large windows let in plenty of sunshine and accentuate the wide, open floor plan that's often found in this type of design. 

When it comes to designs like French Country and modern farmhouses, this is something that’s super embraced and definitely should be done. You can even add some chiffon or sheer white curtains for a nice layer of privacy, and for spaces like your bedroom, some burlap or linen curtains could be perfect, especially for those rustic and natural elements.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Embrace Neutral Tones

Modern rustic decor is all about being inviting, and it’s a comfortable style that features a mix of rustic and industrial elements. The best way to create this look is with a neutral color palette that soothes contrasts between natural textures and a wild mix of decor pieces. Whites are a classic neutral, but plenty of options work with this style.

Creamy paint colors also add a rich feel to walls. Blue grays are another popular choice for this look too. Even greige (grey and beige) is becoming pretty popular too. But overall, the whole point is to add more modern colors, and neutrals are perfect for this. 

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