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3 Easy Ways To Free Up Space In Your Living Room

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There’s cozy, and then there’s cramped. 

Having a cozy living room means you feel snug in a relatively small space. You can still move around and it feels like there’s room to breathe, but the area isn’t fully open. On the other hand, a cramped living room can feel as though the walls are closing in on you. There’s so much stuff everywhere and it’s hard to get around. You wish you could open the space up just a tad, but you don’t want to knock down walls or make drastic home improvements

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Luckily, there are easy ways to free up space in your living room without going crazy. Feast your eyes on these ideas to make a cramped living area feel a bit more open and cozy.

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Move things from the floor to the walls

Use your living room walls to free up floor space in a jiffy. A few well-placed shelves can negate the need for multiple coffee tables or a TV stand. Things are stored on the shelves out of your way, so the room seems much more open. Finding a TV wall mounting service will help you get your television onto the wall as well, which makes a dramatic difference. 

Even if this idea helps you get rid of a TV stand, it makes the living room feel less cramped. You have so much extra space around where your TV used to sit, so the walls no longer seem like they’re closing in on you. 

Say goodbye to a traditional coffee table

Most people have a coffee table in the middle of their living room, or possibly just in front of the sofa. This can look very stylish, but it takes up so much space. Especially if the room is already small; you barely have enough room to move around and sit down. 

Get rid of this table and opt for smaller side tables instead. You can buy nesting tables that stack under one another to save space, and then you can slide them out and place them next to the sofa or chairs. When not in use, they all fit neatly together out of the way, freeing up loads of central space. 

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Alter the furniture layout

More often than not, a living room feels small because of the furniture layout. You love the concept of having a big sofa in the middle of the room with armchairs close by. This can create a cozy atmosphere, but only when your living space is big enough! 

If you’re dealing with a small room, alter the furniture layout to maximize floor space. Push furniture up against walls or in the corners of the room. You’ll immediately see your living area open up and be a lot more spacious. Because you’ve got a small living room anyway, this still creates a cozy effect! 

There’s a common misbelief that small living rooms have to feel cramped. This simply is not true. You can design a living room that feels welcoming and cozy while also allowing people to have their own personal space. Start with the ideas in this post and go from there! 

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