How to Keep a House Clean with Pets

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Having a pet in your home is wonderful, but it can also be a challenge when it comes to keeping your house clean. Fur, dander, and accidents are all part of pet ownership. Most pets like dogs and cats move around in the entire house, and they can create a mess anytime. But there are ways to keep your home tidy without driving yourself crazy. 

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Every pet owner wants their pet to be active and play around the home, but without creating a mess or clutter in the house. Here are the tips on how to keep a house clean with pets:

a woman cleaning the house using a vaccum

Vacuum regularly

This is the most important thing you can do to keep your home free of pet hair and dander. Vacuum all surfaces, including floors, furniture, and carpets, at least once a day. If you have a high-shedding pet, you may need to vacuum more often. 

Just remember, you don't have to be a pro to work it. Simply fire up that vacuum and let the music play. Dance your way through the house, chasing those furry bits and crumbs. Before you know it, your floors will be spotless!

Get a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner

Regular vacuum cleaners can't always handle the tough job of picking up pet hair and dander. Get a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for pets. Look for a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to help trap allergens.

Choose Pet-Friendly Flooring

If you're planning a remodel or moving into a new place, consider pet-friendly flooring options like laminate or vinyl. They're durable, easy to clean, and forgiving when your furry friend decides to redecorate with a little scratch or two. Plus, they provide an excellent stage for your vacuum cleaning routine.

Mop the floors

Mopping helps to remove dirt, dust, and bacteria that can build up on your floors. Although it's best to mop your floor daily, if it's not possible, make sure you do it once a week, or more often if your pet has accidents.

Clean the furniture

Pet hair and dander can also build up on your furniture. Vacuum your furniture regularly, and spot-clean any messes as soon as they happen. You can also use a lint roller to remove pet hair from furniture.

Create a Pet Zone

Designate a special space for your pets, especially if they're messy eaters. Invest in some stylish pet bowls and a placemat to catch the food and water spills. This will help contain the mess in one area, making cleanup a breeze. Plus, it adds a touch of charm to your home, and who doesn't love pet-friendly decor?

Wash your pet's bedding

Pet beds and blankets can get pretty smelly, so it's important to wash them regularly. Wash them once a week, or more often if your pet has accidents. You can also put your pet's bedding in the dryer with a dryer sheet to help remove any odors.

a woman mopping the floor with a cat near her

Clean up accidents immediately

If your pet has an accident, clean it up as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the tougher stains become, making them difficult to remove. Use paper towels to blot up the urine immediately and then clean the area with a pet-safe cleaner.  While we’re on the subject of accidents, it’s also a good idea to note that if you feed your dog high-quality food, like this cold pressed dog food, they are less likely to have digestive issues, and therefore accidents, and they will probably smell better on the whole, too.

Use natural cleaning products

Harsh chemicals can be harmful to your pets, so it's best to use natural cleaning products whenever possible. There are many natural cleaning products available that are effective at cleaning and disinfecting your home without harming your pets. You can also make your natural cleaning products at home.

Worms Removal 

Worm infestation is a common problem in pets, especially in cats and dogs. In case, proper care is not taken, worms can spread as your cat walks through the entire house. Therefore, it is essential to keep your pet in a limited space until the worms are removed completely. 

In addition, consult your veterinarian for proper treatment and removal of worms from your cat's body. Your vet may prescribe some medicines and cosmetics for removing the worms from its coat. 

Maintaining a clean home after cat worms is mandatory & requires some effort. If you are cleaning yourself, make sure to wear rubber gloves and a good quality mask before cleaning the area of your pet. Worms can spread to humans, and wearing gloves and a mask can prevent them. 

After cleaning your pet's space, make sure to clean the surrounding area. ALso clean utensils of your pet, toys, carpets and other things using proper cleaning solutions to ensure complete hygiene in your house. 

Train Your Pet (and Yourself)

Pet training is like learning a new language – for both you and your fur ball. Start with the basics: potty training and teaching your pet to clean up their toys (just kidding, wouldn't that be something!). This will help to prevent accidents in your home. Start training your pet as soon as possible, and be patient. It may take some time for your pet to learn how to use the bathroom outside. Remember, dogs may pee in the house due to territorial marking or inadequate housebreaking.

an image of groomed dog

Frequent Grooming Sessions

If your pet could talk, they'd probably tell you how much they enjoy grooming time. Brushing your furry companion not only reduces shedding but also strengthens the bond between you two. It's like a spa day for your pet. Plus, you'll get some hilarious moments when they decide to play “Chase the brush”!

Regularly brushing and bathing your pet will help to reduce the amount of hair and dander they shed. Brush your pet at least once a day, and bathe them as needed. You can also take your pet to a professional groomer for regular grooming.

Wash Those Pet Toys

You know those slobbery, beloved toys your pet carries around everywhere? Well, they need a spa day too. Toss them in the washing machine or give them a gentle scrub. It's a small task that can make a big difference in keeping your house clean and smelling fresh.

Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are like magic wands for pet owners. Keep one in your cleaning arsenal, your car, and even your office (because pet hair has a way of following you everywhere). They're quick, easy, and kind of satisfying to use. Plus, they'll save your black pants from becoming a white fur fashion statement.

Beware of the “Zoomies”

Ah, the “zoomies” – those hilarious bursts of energy when your pet suddenly races around the house like a tiny tornado. While it's entertaining to watch, it can leave behind a trail of destruction. Secure fragile items, and maybe even place bets on where they'll hide your socks this time.

Have a Cleaning Kit Handy

As a newbie pet owner, it's crucial to have a pet-friendly cleaning kit at your disposal. Stock up on pet-safe cleaning products, paper towels, and some odor-neutralizing spray for those unexpected accidents. You'll be glad you did when your pet decides the couch is a canvas for their muddy paw art.

Regular Vet Check-Ups

Keeping your pet healthy is not just good for them; it's good for your home too. Regular vet check-ups ensure your furry friend is in top shape, reducing the chances of unwanted surprises on your carpets.

The Great Outdoors

Encourage your pet to spend time outdoors. A tired pet is a well-behaved pet – or so they say! Whether it's a game of fetch, a leisurely walk, or simply lounging in the sun, outdoor time helps reduce the mess inside. Just don't forget the poop bags; that's one mess you want to avoid.

Stay Calm and Clean On

It takes time and effort to keep a house clean with pets. Don't get discouraged if you don't see results immediately. Just keep at it, and your home will eventually be pet-friendly and clean. In the world of pet ownership, messes happen. It's part of the journey, and even the most experienced pet owners can't escape the occasional muddy pawprint or fur explosion. 


Maintaining a clean home with pets might seem daunting, especially for a new pet parent. But with a little patience, and some handy tips, you can maintain your house clean with your pets. Your pet brings joy, laughter, and a touch of chaos into your life, and that's what makes your house a home. I hope these tips help you to keep your house clean with pets. Just remember to be patient, persistent, and have a sense of humor. It's all part of the fun of pet ownership!

an image of woman cleaning the carpet with a dog near her

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