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Frugal Wedding Tips: 5 Tips To Help You Save Money

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Congratulation! You are getting married and if you are like us, you are here for the frugal wedding tips we are going to offer.

You see, in 2014, we got married and our wedding was as wonderful and memorable as any other wedding.

The difference was the price tag! We didn’t go in debt for our wedding and we loved everything about it.

Our wedding was the best frugal wedding ever! (OK, this is just my opinion!)

In this country, it seems that wedding or anything related to weddings equals expensive price tags. From the venue to the dress, a wedding cost a fortune. They offer loans to help you make your dream wedding come true.

The sad part is that you will be paying for this wedding for eternity! Your wedding should not be about a price tag and what others think it should be. Is about you and your spouse.

A wedding with a $125 a plate for each guest and your guest count is about 350 is going to bring your food budget sky high. We are not even counting drinks!

Majority of your guests are not going to remember your special day for the price tag, they are going to remember you and your spouse.

OK, maybe they will remember if the food was terrible and will remember your wedding as the day you over paid for the overcooked meal. 😛

This reminds me to encourage you to read how to simplify our guest list because this will help you to have the right people on your wedding and help you bring your cost down.

This is an old post, and I wrote it when I was in the middle of planning our own wedding.

We followed these frugal wedding tips and our wedding budget was under. We even managed to take our dream honeymoon in Puerto Rico and not go into debt.


There is nothing more beautiful than a wedding, even better a debt-free wedding. Check out these frugal wedding tips to help you keep your wedding cost down

5 Frugal Wedding Tips To Help Reduce Wedding Cost

Evaluate what’s important.

On this special day, we wanted our family to be there and celebrate our union with us. Coming from different cultures we want to incorporate a few of our wedding traditions in our wedding.

By sitting down and evaluating what we wanted to incorporate in our wedding it helps us keep track of our spending. I keep saying what is important to us because each wedding is different.

Your “what’s important” to you might not be my “what’s important.” Knowing that we want our family and friends to celebrate our union is why we are having a reception.

We could have gone a different route and got married at the courthouse but because we both want a celebration we are setting a budget for a small reception.

Evaluate our budget

After purchasing our vehicle cash we decided we were going to focus on our wedding.  Our emergency fund is important to us and we would not use that money for a wedding. That’s not what an emergency fund is for and something we both agreed and followed.

The wedding budget was set for $5,000 and doing some research, I have come across cheaper weddings. Again, what’s important to others is not important to me. If you follow my blog you know that we love a challenge and if $5000 is our budget we will make it for less!

Update 04/2017: Our wedding was way under and we were able to enjoy a nice honeymoon because we had so much money left over.

Avoid a wedding planner

I am thankful that I have family and friends that are so helpful and have been through planning weddings before. Partnering with the right person during your wedding planning will help you stay on budget and save you money.

My good friend saved us $100 by asking the right questions and she also was able to look at another alternative to soda (which the hall required is bought there) to bring the cost of drinks down.

Researching online we found tons of frugal wedding tips that seriously inspired us to keep up with our wedding goals.

Ask for help

Having family and friends that are willing to help is important. So far, we have family members and friends that are ready to help with food and decorations. This is a blessing!

When researching for caterer I was about to cry when I saw the prices. We planned a good menu that was affordable and we had my aunts and friends make our food.

In our family, we’re used to doing these kinds of things for any family occasions so it wasn’t a big deal.

Another friend just offered to give me her wedding gown and all I have to do is pay for shipping! How can I say no to these amazing people? Taking advantage of family and friends’ talent will help keep our cost down.

Our wedding cake was a wedding gift from my close friend. She made it herself and it was beautiful. The candy bar my talented cousin created it and it was the talk of the wedding. All we did was buy the candy to go with it.

Decorate yourself

Pinterest is full of so many wonderful and affordable wedding ideas. Again, our family and friends are ready for this part of wedding planning and I’m going to use the help I could get.

That being said, Pinterest can also cause you to derailed from your plans and spend more money.

Please look with care and not get too many crazy ideas that will ruin your budget. Keep it simple and affordable and use decorations that are in season.

We used flowers and pumpkins that were in season and very affordable.


With these frugal wedding tips, you will be able to have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Remember that weddings are a business and the average American spends close to $30,000 at their wedding! Crazy!

Remember to make the wedding about you and your spouse, not other people’s expectations.

What other frugal wedding tips do you have for us? We want to know!

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