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4 of The Best Budget-Friendly Wedding Invitations

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When I hear the word wedding I immediately see dollar signs. Even when you are having a fabulous wedding on a budget there are lots of cost involved. One big cost is wedding invitations. I am here to share with you the best budget friendly wedding invitations out there so you can spend your pennies on the honeymoon!

Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations

Saving money on a wedding is all about give and take. It is about deciding what things are the MOST important and what things you can scrimp on. A lot of people realize that the wedding invitations are something that can be done in a more budget-friendly way!

We have four inexpensive wedding invitations ideas for you below.

Free is Always Good

When it comes to affordable wedding invitation you can’t beat free!

Yes, we love free things! What about free wedding invitations? It is possible to do have the best budget-friendly wedding invitations in the world—free ones!

These are going to have to be ONLINE invitations. I know…it isn’t traditional, but it is trending and becoming more mainstream.

Plus it is good for the environment!  It is also easy for people to RSVP for the wedding!

Some great places to design and send free online wedding invitations are Punchbowl, Evite, and Inviter. The main thing you need in order to send online wedding invitations is correct email addresses!

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Keep It Simple

If you opt to send a traditional wedding invitation it is important to keep it simple so you can keep costs down.

Don’t order invitations through a bridal store….unless you want to spend a ton of money.

Design your own invitations or ask a creative friend to help you! Use a reputable online company like Shutterfly, Vistaprint or even Zazzle!

Create a simple invitation without a bunch of folds, layers, etc. A flat one-page invitation will be MUCH more inexpensive. Who needs 3 envelopes and a tiny piece of tissue paper anyway??

Don’t forget to use coupon codes and Ebates to save even more money!

Use a Standard Envelope Size

Many people forget about the cost to MAIL the invitations! Postage is expensive and if you create a wedding invitation that takes a larger envelope you will pay dearly for that postage!

When you are creating your budget friendly wedding invitation, make sure it can be mailed with ONE STAMP!

Skip the Save the Date Card

The whole “save the date” concept really annoys me. I guess that if I was the queen of Sheba…then maybe I would expect people to SAVE my wedding date on their calendars months in advance! 🙂

I am not the queen of anything but my own little world…so I know that if people can make the wedding…they can make the wedding!

A big way to save BUCKS is to skip the whole save the date card. You will save on the cards themselves…and mailing the cards!

If you really, really want to get your big day on the calendars of all your friends and family…do an email save the date invitation for free!

What Budget Friendly Wedding Invitations Will You Choose?

So what budget friendly wedding invitations will you choose? When is your big day? I would love to hear how you are keeping our wedding budget friendly!

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