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52 Week Saving Challenge Week 32

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52 Week Saving Challenge Week 34

Another week, another month and you would not believe what I did! After doing this challenge for almost 32 weeks I did something I always remind myself to do at the end of each month. Lets recap this week 52 Week Saving Challenge Week 32.

52 Week Saving Challenge Week 32

Week 32 Deposit – $32.00 Total- $528.00

Week32 Reverse- $21.00 Total- $1168.00


I have to tell you that I completely forgot to schedule any money transfer for the month for August. It was until I went to check my a bank account and my money wasn’t there that I realized what I did forget.

At the end of every month, I always remind myself to schedule all the transfers for the month before the new month starts. The sad part is I don’t recalled being so busy to forget about it. When I do forget I do it right away. It was until I logged into my account that I remembered.

The good news is that is not too late to schedule the transfers for the month of August. I hope you all forgive me. I will get this done tonight when the kids are in bed and I have some peace and quiet.

My CapitalOne 360 checking account paid me 18¢ of interest for the month of July! My account just looks naked for this week. Anyway, it shows you that I don’t have my sh$t together. This should be a habit by now. Doesn’t it become a habit after 21 days or something like that?

Overall, beside not scheduling any transfer into my 52 Week Challenge account it has been a great week. This is why I don’t understand why I forgot!

I won’t let this tiny hiccup mess with my challenge. I hope you all that are continuing with this challenge didn’t forget like I did.

Want to join this challenge? Head over here to read all my posts. If you would like to download my 52 Week Saving Challenge file simply click here. I would love to hear how you are all doing with your 52 Week Saving Challenge. If you are a blogger that is doing this challenge we will love to hear from you.  Until next week keep on saving!

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles

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  1. You’re really doing it! And it happens. My best work is always after bed time, too. 🙂

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